Each week, the Cisco Government team is posting a #TransformationThursday blog where they will discuss digital transformation in cities, detailing storylines and examples with various social, environmental and economic outcomes. Join in the conversation as they take a candid look at digitization, capturing best practices and solutions to common challenges while preserving an approach that addresses each community’s specific wants and needs. Today’s topic features community learning and education, told by a truly passionate advocate for enabling students to learn without limits.

The times are changing and education needs to change as well. We need innovation. Today’s traditional classrooms are in the process of being drastically redefined. Innovative educational technologies reflect a better way to reach students and learners regardless of time or space, and the creative design of new technologies that promote engaged learning are arguably some of the most important advancements of the digital era.

Education and continued learning have an unmistakably essential role to play in shaping our future generations.The development of technology looks to address our changing social demands for how things like teaching and learning mechanisms are contemplated and perpetually evolved. 

However, it’s easy to forget that technology is just the vector, not the mission. We must first focus on the users, and what educational challenges they’re grappling with each day. To read more inspirational stories of those who are using technology in new and imaginative ways to help fix large-scale, global issues, go here.


Alexia Crossman

Global Healthcare Leader

Cisco Industries Marketing