It’s hard to refute that modern-day learning has evolved from a traditional four wall setting. Just as consumers want to be able to access content from their preferred device and location, such as on a tablet while traveling via a train or mobile device while out to dinner with a prospective client, learning is now taking place in a manner – and location – most preferred by the teacher and student. These new teaching and learning methods are driven by transformative technologies and taking place outside of the lecture-style classroom setting we were accustomed to growing up.

Lake Nona and University of Central Florida, College of Medicine are two exemplary institutions showcasing how technology can transform the typical education setting to become more interactive, immersive and engaging. As a part of Cisco Live!, we were able to sit down with representatives from each organization at the Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute to discuss how technology is helping them transform teaching and learning practices to span anytime, anywhere, any device and secure access to any content.

Mark Hayes, founding chairman and member of the Lake Nona Medical City Education Council and program director of education at the Lake Nona Institute, talked about Lake Nona’s vision for connected education through its development  of a Smart + Connected Community. The innovative learning and teaching methods deployed at Lake Nona and powered by Cisco solutions dispel the myth that you have to go to a four-wall classroom for optimal learning.

Dr. Deborah German, founding dean of UCF’s College of Medicine, echoed these sentiments, specifically citing how UCF Medical School is leveraging Cisco’s technology to advance medical education. During the event Dr. German highlighted how collaborative teaching and learning implementation through technology has transformed the way its latest graduating class has learned. At Cisco, we believe that the most effective learning and teaching practices are those that pair technology and education together. Have you experienced a new style of learning or teaching involving innovative technology? If so, share your experience in the comments section below!


Greg Mathison

M.S., Ph.D., Manager

Cisco Education Solutions