Greg Mathison

M.S., Ph.D., Manager

Cisco Education Solutions

Dr. Greg Mathison has invested more than 30 years of his career as a psychologist, executive, author, and educator. He serves as Cisco’s Education Solutions Manager, helping schools and universities maximize technologies to transform education. He chairs Cisco’s Schools Executive Exchange, comprised of 20 district superintendents. In addition, he has taught in several universities and is currently a Graduate Faculty Scholar with the University of Central Florida, teaching MBA courses in Executive Leadership and Change Management.


May 22, 2014


#HigherEdThursdays: Video and Collaboration

2 min read

Video and collaboration technologies are dramatically changing how we teach and learn, both in higher education as well as K12. I see it firsthand every day from two perspectives: 1) as an adjunct faculty member teaching graduate courses, and 2) as a member of the Cisco Education Solutions Team working with universities and schools around […]

July 8, 2013


Technology + Education: Better Together

1 min read

It’s hard to refute that modern-day learning has evolved from a traditional four wall setting. Just as consumers want to be able to access content from their preferred device and location, such as on a tablet while traveling via a train or mobile device while out to dinner with a prospective client, learning is now […]