As educators increasingly take advantage of networked video technology to move their traditional classrooms online, there is a growing need for both instructors capable of engaging students in these next generation online classrooms, and skilled networking professionals with the knowledge to meet the growing demand to deploy, support and maintain networked video solutions.

In 2011, Learning@Cisco introduced a Leading Virtual Classroom Instructor course that teaches participants how to prepare and manage a virtual classroom, effectively deliver material online, and use video and collaboration tools to maximize student participation and comprehension.

As the paradigm of education continues to evolve to meet new institutional and business requirements, developing instructional strategies for new virtual education environments based on networked video is becoming key to improving student results. The Virtual Classroom Instruction Specialist training and certification help ensure that instructors have the most comprehensive understanding of the latest video technologies and effective classroom collaboration strategies.

In order to help our partners and customers deploy networked video solutions to support the delivery of online training offerings and to meet the increasing demands of high-quality video traffic over the network, Cisco this week announced two new video certifications (CCNA Video and Cisco Video Network Specialist) designed to allow traditional analog audiovisual (Pro A/V) specialists, as well as other networking professionals, to extend their skills to meet the growing demand for networked video job roles.

Check out this short video about how Cisco’s training and certifications expand career opportunities and support the evolution of video solutions.


Learn more about the new Video Certifications: http://newsroom.cisco.com/release/1129499

Learn more about Virtual Classroom Instruction: http://newsroom.cisco.com/press-release-content?articleId=5899071&type=webcontent





Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn

Vice President and General Manager

Cisco Services