Co-Authored with Renee Patton

As we explore #PublicSectorNoweducation and continuity of learning continue to be top of mind, and we cannot think of either without thinking of teachers. This week, across public sector and around the world, join us as we appreciate teachers. 

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all know what it means to learn – we all know the power of a teacher to transform something as small as a lesson or as large as a life. 

During Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs the full week from May 4 – 8, we want to take time to thank the teachers who have defined our lives. The teachers who are defying the odds by redefining the learning environment. The pioneers who have tackled distance learning with grace and grit – who, with children of their own in the background or pets vying for attention, open their computers every day to open the minds of their students.  

Teacher appreciation Webex meeting

Cisco is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week in recognition of the tremendous impact that teachers have on all our lives. Join us for a week of gratitude and inspiration as we bring teachers to the forefront. 

How to get involved with Teacher Appreciation Week

Want to take part in Teacher Appreciation Week? Here’s how you can participate! 

  • Follow Cisco on social media to like, comment and reshare quotes from our leaders, blogs, and some surprise content throughout the week! 
  • Share your appreciation for teachers on your own social channels with the hashtags #ThankATeacher and #EducationNow. 
  • Follow our blog series, #EducationNow, to keep the gratitude flowing and drive the discussion on the changing landscape of education today. 

Between envisioning a better world and creating one, there’s a bridge.  

Teachers, you are the bridge.

Continue to follow our #PublicSectorNow series, be on the lookout for a special Teacher Appreciation Week #EducationNow blog tomorrow, and keep an eye on our social channels for new #ThankATeacher content all week long! 

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Cassie Roach

Vice President Sales and Sustainability

Acceleration and Action Office