This month, we talked about how funding and financing are transforming in education. Join us for our grand finale and discover a new resource on “Investing in Education.”

What is your most pressing question when it comes to financing innovation in this year like none before?

Are you wondering how to reduce costs across the campus? Figuring out how to provide services and drive student engagement in a classroom environment that has gone digital? Questioning how you can ensure security, while implementing the latest and greatest technologies for distance and hybrid learning? 

We’re here to help. 

the future of education is in your hands

That’s where our new e-book, “Investing in Education” comes in.

“Investing in Education” is your guide to funding and financing your education upgrades and investments with Cisco. In this book, you’ll discover how to leverage public funding and Cisco financing offers to reduce costs, drive innovation, and improve the quality of education.

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And, be sure to check out the rest of this month’s blogs on funding and financing education in a changing landscape.

A Global Pandemic’s Impact on Higher Education

As new models based on hybrid learning take root, how can higher education institutions maintain existing academic standards, deliver degree and research programs, increase revenue, and transform their funding models in a post-pandemic world?

> Read more about how to approach funding in higher education differently.

Building the Future of Education with Cisco Capital and Cisco Refresh

Cisco Capital enables you to invest in the technology you need now to create secure and productive learning environments, so schools can continue to attract new students in today’s competitive and challenging landscape. 

Cisco Refresh offers competitive pricing for Cisco certified-remanufactured equipment. This program can enable new service capabilities, while making the most out of a limited and often uncertain budget. 

> See how Cisco Capital and Cisco Refresh can help you create an inclusive and accessible future.

Preparing Networks for Hybrid Learning with E-Rate

E-rate funding continues to be the foundation for helping schools and libraries make the transformation to digital. September marks the beginning of a new five-year budget-cycle reset and $8 billion in Category 2 available E-rate funding.  

> Learn how to optimize your E-rate dollars.

Funding is tight today. We get that. That’s why at Cisco, we are committed to helping you innovate and invest in technology effectively, while ensuring financial feasibility. Check out the other Funding and Financing Education blogs in #EducationNow  on Cisco CapitalCisco RefreshE-Rate, and Country Digital Acceleration.

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What is your biggest funding or financing challenge today? Tell us in the comments. 

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Renee Patton

Former Global Director of Education and Healthcare

Global Industry Solutions Group