Today, as we celebrate National Online Learning Day, join us for another Funding and Financing installment of #EducationNow to learn about how Cisco Capital and Cisco Refresh can help your education institution to fund innovation.

Building the Future of Education with Cisco Capital and Cisco Refresh 

With over 1.2 billion children out of the classroom across 186 countries worldwide according to the World Economic Forum, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to completely reimagine education. There’s a significant rise in distance learning and digital education platforms. Despite its many challenges, a study by the Research Institute of America suggests that distance learning has been shown to increase retention of information and take less time, meaning that some of the changes brought on by this health crisis may be here to stay. 

Staying on top of the evolving education environment takes a lot of work, but educators and teachers have never been more passionate and motivated to equip their students to reach their full potential. To empower education in today’s world, a solid technology foundation is required. That’s where Cisco comes in. 

The Cisco Capital Promise

Cisco continues to support education institutions as they work to deliver innovative and collaborative experiences for both students and teachers. As technology requirements evolve and as demand for online resources increases, it is necessary – now more than ever before – to provide seamless access to distance learning.  

With Cisco’s flexible payment solutions, you can receive the latest education technology with no upfront costs and predictable payments over time. Cisco can help you access additional funding, while preserving your budget for other high-priority initiatives. Most importantly, Cisco Capital enables you to invest in the technology you need now to create secure and productive learning environments, so schools can continue to attract new students in today’s competitive and challenging landscape.   

Building End-to-End Infrastructure at UNCP

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has one of the most diverse campuses in the southeastern United States, with a large population of students currently attending remotely. With Cisco’s help, they built a secure end-to-end infrastructure to help students overcome geographic and economic barriers. The University took advantage of an enterprise agreement financing structure that is funded with assistance from Cisco Capital to protect university systems and those who use them. With dependable security and expanded access, the University can provide collaborative learning opportunities for all students – both inside and outside the classroom. 

“We’ve recently committed to a security enterprise agreement, which assures cutting-edge security capabilities at a predictable cost. We won’t have to prioritize our security investments; we’re able to think strategically about other elements of our architecture knowing that the security technology that protects it all is up to date.”

Nancy Crouch, UNCP Associate Vice Chancellor for technology resources and CIO
2015- 2019

Fresh Technology with Cisco Refresh

Cisco Refresh, which offers competitive pricing for Cisco certified-remanufactured equipment, is also a smart solution that education IT managers should consider. This program can enable new service capabilities, while making the most out of a limited and often uncertain budget. These fully warrantied and licensed products are eligible for Cisco services and Smart Net Total Care support and can be ordered directly from Cisco’s authorized partners and distributors. Cisco Refresh offers a large inventory that is available for immediate shipment. 
Cisco Refresh supports green initiatives, providing quality products with a fully sustainable low carbon footprint. And, just like new equipment, Cisco Capital is ready to fund Cisco Refresh purchases. 

Streamlining IT at KCTCS

Recently, Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS), which serves over 116,000 enrollments at 16 colleges across 70+ campuses in Kentucky, was interested in purchasing technology and managed services to streamline its processes. Despite a limited IT budget, KCTCS leveraged Cisco Refresh to receive more than 900 switches and 50 routers. You can be confident when purchasing via the Cisco Refresh program that you’ll have the best options available with Cisco’s most secure technology. 

At Cisco, we are committed to creating a future in education that is inclusive and accessible for all – whether that’s reimagining your applications at home, securing your data, transforming your campus infrastructure or empowering teachers and students across the world.   

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