The 2023 Education Summit event – co-hosted by Cisco and CAUDIT – provided higher education technology leaders an opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives on some of the rapid technology innovation and developments that will continue to transform the sector. The summit also provided delegates with a chance to share their experiences and to engage with peers from the sector.

While Australia’s higher education institutions have a major role to play in harnessing digital to tackle challenges and seize new opportunities, they need to continually evolve their solutions including:

  • The next generation of software defined networks which are AI-enabled, automated and more resilient
  • Innovations in cyber security where the network – not firewalls – are the first line of defence for enterprise
  • Smart building technologies which not only create a basis for better staff experiences but also cost and emissions reductions
  • The global partnership between Cisco and Microsoft which is simplifying the design and management of hybrid work and learning spaces

A brief report has been created summarising some of the major themes and presentations.

A highlight of the Summit, which was held in conjunction with Cisco Live Melbourne, was a visit to La Trobe University’s Digital Innovation Hub. The hub is home to Innovation Central Melbourne and a great example of the critical role universities are playing to build the digital talent pipeline and help industry adopt digital technologies.

Cisco was particularly pleased to co-host the event with CAUDIT who are an important vehicle to ensure the higher education sector captures the full benefits from digital technology.

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Reg Johnson

General Manager, Education

Cisco Australia and New Zealand