As we wrap up Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s take a look back at some of our #ThankATeacher highlights! 

“There are few jobs that can have the early and lasting impact that a teacher’s does. My own path was charted by a teacher who saw something in me that I simply couldn’t.  These unprecedented times are demonstrating that teaching never really was about the classroom, but about connecting the dots. Our talented teachers continue to be a beacon of light. Thank you, teachers, for all that you do!”

Maria Martinez, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Cisco

What makes a great teacher?

When we think of our greatest teachers, the ones we loved and learned from the most, a common thread is their overwhelming passion – for their subject matter, for educating the young, and for forging connections. Teachers have a transformative ability to bring vast subjects across the STEAM spectrum and beyond to life with energy and humor: igniting our own talents and setting us on course for a life-changing learning experience. 

Our teachers define the future of Public Sector – of our cities, our governments, our healthcare systems, and our education institutions. They teach the lessons of today and the learnings from yesterday. They light the way to tomorrow. 

As we near the end of Teacher Appreciation Week 2020, let’s hear from a few more of our Cisco executives. 

“I give my sincere appreciation to all the wonderful teachers around the world. I know it’s not easy doing your job under these very challenging circumstances. But now more than ever, it is important to educate our young people who are going to be the future generation of the world. Learning is one of the greatest journeys that any of us undertake in our lives. I am so proud of you and so grateful to you for helping our young people thrive and discover new possibilities.”

Miyuki Suzuki, President, Cisco Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China, Cisco

Our goal is to empower students, no matter where they are in their learning journey. One such example is Open Access College in Australia, where students formerly isolated by illness or geography now receive high quality distance education through Webex. Discover more education stories here.

“Thank you for everything you’re doing – ensuring that not only distance learning is happening the right way, but that there is continuity and normalcy for our kids. Being a teacher is an extremely difficult job. My dad was a high school teacher, my in-laws both educators – there’s nothing more important for our communities and our kids. I think back to first grade and my teacher who opened my mind to change, to travel, to new things. That stuck with me in my journey, that stuck with me in my career, and I see that today in the teachers we are fortunate enough to have stepping up to the plate in this new challenge. So, to all of you, thank you – and we’re going to leave a virtual apple on your desks!”

Gene Hall, Vice President, Security Marketing, Cisco

We may not be able to leave an apple on your desk. But we can ensure that your distance learning platform and administrative work is safe and secure – no matter where your classroom may be.

Continuity in our education system is critical to our nation’s future and teachers have collectively stepped up. It warms my heart to see how much teachers truly care for our children and their success. Thank you, teachers!

Shannon Leininger, Area Vice President, U.S. Public Sector, Cisco

No matter our culture or country, our language or beliefs, we know that education is the key to building a better future. Thank you for helping us to power tomorrow.

Thank you to all the teachers and all you’re going through in this difficult period. I know you’re all looking forward to getting back in the classroom. We want to pass along our appreciation from Cisco for all that you’re doing and for how you’ve adapted so quickly to this environment – hopefully we’ll be back in the classroom soon.

Dan Wiggins, Vice President, Industry Solutions Group, Cisco

“Our teachers create the future. They inspire, set the foundation, and do the hard work to enable the successes of our children and of our society. At a time when society is the most challenged on a global basis, you realize even more how important their role is, and will be, in braving the new world and unlocking the potential of this generation.

Jeremy Bevan, Vice President, Global Segments and Industry Marketing, Cisco
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“During Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to recognize my favorite teacher, coach, mentor, neighbor, and second father, Mr. Dom Cecere. He taught me the importance of competition, how to win humbly and lose gracefully as well as the importance of a true team mentality.  His motto was, “Respect all. Fear None,” and I have used that as a guiding principle throughout my life.  This Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to thank Mr. Cecere and all the teachers around the world who transform our perspectives, who educate and coach our children, and whose lessons stay with us throughout our lives.

Jim Walsh, Senior Vice President, Growth Marketing, Cisco

Each of us has a Mr. Cecere – a teacher or educator who transformed how we think, who helped us pave our life’s mission or motto, and who made us realize dreams we never thought possible. 

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Today and always, thank you to the teachers, faculty staff and ongoing mentors and role models who make sure we never stop learning and passing on our lessons to others.

What was your highlight of Teacher Appreciation Week? Did you #ThankATeacher? Did you read our “Thank You, Teachers” blog or watch our Pass the Book video? Stay tuned for more #PublicSectorNow and #EducationNow blogs and remember to send a big thank you to the teachers in your life.

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