Connected Transportation for Education helps Howe Public Schools improve safety, efficiency, mobility and productivity.

With live video monitoring via on-board cameras, Howe Public Schools can help keep students safe while enroute. Real time surveillance allows better monitoring of the students on the bus, and can help inform administrators and guardians about the activities happening on the vehicle.

Wi-Fi on the vehicle lets students access the school network and online courses to continue their studies and maximize travel time (which often exceeds an hour in this district). This is especially important for many students who do not have Internet access at home.

With GPS monitoring on the vehicle, administration can view a live map to determine if the vehicle has travelled outside of the the designated route, and vehicle telematics keep track of the health of buses for proactive maintenance. Through these features alone, Howe Public Schools streamlined routes to save time and money.

Watch this video to learn more about Howe Public Schools’ implementation of Connected Transportation for Education.


Alexia Crossman

Global Healthcare Leader

Cisco Industries Marketing