With so many schools looking to integrate various technologies for things like blended & distance learning, increased staff and student collaboration, and mobility options, many are asking “are we sure we have the necessary infrastructure?”. And if they answer yes, will it support the newest technologies, and will it work all the time, every time?

We all know technology-enabled classrooms are becoming necessary for students and teachers living in a network-connected, mobile world.  Luckily, schools can actually reduce operating costs at the same time they are enabling these technologies by providing a wireless network infrastructure.

In his latest blog,  Why deploy Pervasive Wireless for K-12. Who’s doing it and how, Cisco’s Rahul Chohan discusses how Cisco is leading the way for technology-driven educational initiatives. Collaborative tools, mobility, BYOD, distance learning – it’s all enabled by a strong foundation and network infrastructure.  Check out Rahul’s blog and find out more on our BYOD Solutions for K12 Education page.


Kerry Best

Marketing Manager

Public Sector Marketing