Today’s education landscape is rapidly changing. We’ve entered an era where technology dictates the way things get done and education is at the forefront of this shift. One might ask, “How will technology affect education?” Consider the schools of past, when the only educational resources offered to students were textbooks. What if we could positively impact the way we educate our future generations, while creating a more efficient way of learning that inspires fun and creativity?

Textbooks are becoming a thing of the past. It isn’t really about the effectiveness of textbooks, but about creating the best way to learn.  Physical textbooks are expensive, heavy, wear out quickly through heavy student use. Due to increased technology, more and more people, including children, are using and other mobile devices. Because of this, we’re seeing schools and education systems begin to incorporate computers and tablets into the classroom as a means for education. Through the internet and programs designed for education, tablets and computers help create a more interactive experience for the student and can also be used to help track students’ learning progress.

In his latest blog, The New Age Textbook – Implications of BYOD on K12 Education, Cisco’s Rahul Chohan takes a more in-depth look at the future of education and how Cisco is leading the way for the technology shift. To learn more about how Cisco can help your school, check out our BYOD Solutions for K12 Education page.


John Tuohy

Senior Manager, Education Industry Marketing

Public Sector Marketing