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What empowers you to Be Fearless? #CiscoChat

February 24, 2015 - 13 Comments

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It’s inevitable that at some point in our lives, whether it’s personally or professionally, we all have and will experience fear. It’s a part of life we can’t avoid; however, how we face these fears without being crippled by them and how we triumph forward is what counts.

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, 9-10:00am PST, we will be hosting a #CiscoChat on behalf of the Women of Impact team to discuss what empowers women to Be Fearless. Joining the TweetChat will be Catalina Kowal from Cisco’s Empowered Women’s Network, Cindy Cooley from Cisco’s Men for Inclusion, and Barbara Koch from the Passion Project. Join us to discuss how being fearless isn’t really about eliminating fear from our everyday lives completely, but more about finding ways to make our fears not hinder us from being adventurous, from taking risks, from getting up after we fall down, or from being our own advocates. This is an important conversation to explore because we all want to live a life where we can pursue our goals and dreams without succumbing to fear.

The Be Fearless theme is also the focus of the Women of Impact Conference this year – we want attendees to be fearless by taking risks, overcoming obstacles and blazing new trails in their personal and professional lives. The conference focus is to connect, develop and inspire the women in technology at Cisco. This #CiscoChat is a lead-in to our annual Women of Impact conference on March 19th and we hope you will join the conversation.

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Join us on Twitter @Cisco_WOI for our #CiscoChat this Thursday 2/26 9-10:00am PST and share with us what makes you fearless.

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  1. Such a great topic!!

  2. What a fantastic hour spent chatting with folks around the world about being fearless. We definitely need to have these chats on a regular basis! #ciscochat

  3. I joined by first twitter chat today. Alot of fun ! and inspirational .
    @Cisco_WOI #CiscoChat #befearless.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. Eager to connect with you all and continue this conversation even after the #CiscoChat!

  5. Such a great topic of discussion. In my line of work, I have to deal with a lot of heated confrontation with men and women alike! Rather than let the anxiety build, I like to trust my instincts and throw myself in there. I’ve found that experience really trumps fear! Look forward to seeing other strategies in this #CiscoChat .

  6. This really speaks to me because I have trouble overcoming fear. I’m really looking forward to this #CiscoChat and can’t wait to hear other perspectives to help me learn and grow in my career.

  7. Looks like an great cisco chat. Fear for me is managed by being prepared, being present, and doing what I fear most first. The build up of fear and anxiety is typically worse than just facing it head-on. An important topic for all women in the workplace!

  8. Sounds fabulous! Can’t wait for the #CiscoChat. I am looking forward to seeing how other women overcome fear in the workplace and everyday life.

  9. This is such an important conversion to have. Rather than being driven by fear, we need to know how to take and manage risk. Really looking forward to learning from other women during the #CiscoChat.

  10. Love this! Can’t wait for #CiscoChat, especially after the LA Times article on why women are leaving the tech industry in droves (

    • Thank you AKM. Looking forward to connecting with you on Thursday at the #CiscoChat. I was pretty disappointed to read the LA times article too. It will be great for us to be part of the discussion to bring change.