What are the biggest workforce challenges for women in Tech? How can you empower women in Tech to lead? And what can male allies bring to the table in the shared mission to attract, develop, retain, and celebrate women as part of a competitive and diverse workforce?

Join us for the next #CiscoChat, on Monday, March 5th, at 10 a.m. PST and be part of the discussion. This chat will feature Cisco SVP and CMO Karen Walker, as well as Worldwide Systems Engineering Director of Strategy and Operations, Cindy Goodwin-Sak, Distinguished Engineer, Judy Priest, and POV Services Manager, Brad Caplan. We will open the chat with a  preview of Cisco’s upcoming (#WOI2018) Women of Impact conference before moving on to questions for the panel. If you’re committed to workforce inclusion and collaboration, you’ll definitely want to be a part of this special #CiscoChat. (After the chat, remember to register for the Women of Impact event broadcast, which is open to the public.)

To participate in the chat:

● Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account.
● Search for the #CiscoChat hashtag and click on the “Latest” tab.
● Follow the moderator’s account to participate. The Twitter chat will be led by @Cisco_WOI, and guests can join at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) and begin posting questions for discussion.
● If you need multiple tweets to answer a question, preface each tweet with “1A,” “2A,” etc. in order to make it easier for others to follow along with the conversation.
● Be sure to use the #CiscoChat hashtag at the end of each tweet so others can find your contributions to the discussion.

You can be a part of the conversation early! Ahead of the chat, tweet a few words that best represent your perspective on women in Tech. Don’t forget to add the #CiscoChat and #WOI2018 hashtags so your Tweet becomes a part of the conversation.

We also encourage you to bring questions of your own to the #CiscoChat. We look forward to having you participate in this timely discussion.


Varsha Kanwar

Chief Of Staff

TS Global GTM