In just a few short days, thousands of women and men across the globe will come together for Women of Impact seeking to connect with each other, develop new perspectives and possibilities, and inspire bold action and exponential growth. I can’t think of a place I’d rather be – together – with all of you!

Experts tell us that the transformational impact of any event of this magnitude begins the moment we each register. It’s true, isn’t it? My mind is already abuzz with thoughts of what being fearless means to me and what being fearless can create for all of us. I’m already taking a fresh look at each of my dreams and aspirations – both personal and professional – searching for any signs that a little fear, a little doubt, or a little resistance may be holding me back or slowing me down. In the words of Jack Canfield “everything you want is on the other side of fear”. I’m ready to cross to the other side. I’m ready to Be Fearless.

Are you ready too? Who will you need to connect with – how will you need to grow – and what bold actions will take you there? And – most importantly – how can we get there together?

WOI 2015

Join us on March 19th. I can’t wait to see the possibilities we will unleash!


Shari Slate

Chief Inclusion & Collaboration Officer

SVP of Inclusive Future & Strategy