On May 25 2015, I had the honor to participate on a panel on Digital Inclusion of Women for Gender Equality at WSIS 2015, held in Geneva, Switzerland:

Women with varying backgrounds from all parts of the world, passionately discussed the opportunities to advocate for change both in the industry and in government.


Questions for all of us to posit may be the following:

     How can the Internet be an enabler for planet 50-50 or for a “SHE-Economy?”

See the UN Women dialogue here.

Perhaps we can define SHE as the “Superficial Human Elevated Economy” where men are both advocates and partners.

The conversations I have had globally all have the sense of urgency to action.

I had the pleasure to meet Nick Ashton-Hart at WSIS 2015 who issued a bold call to action in terms of using technology and the Internet to close the digital divide globally:

What is your role in assuring that we enact the desired change in your own enterprises?

Can we dream of planet 50-50 becoming a reality?

Woman in the workplaceI look forward to Cisco Live San Diego June 7-11 where some of us will have the opportunity to discuss some of these topics together. I will be an Executive Mentor at the third annual Cisco Empowered Women’s Network Forum California to ReDEFINE Tomorrow, Today. The event will feature keynotes, panel discussions and lightning talks led by thought leaders in IT. You’ll walk away with new definitions of leadership, networking, innovation and success—and feel empowered to implement change in your own life by redefining your future, starting today!
As FYI for #WomenInTech there are over 101 studies to learn from, check some of them out here.

I am interested in hearing from you as to what needs to be done to move the needle together! Follow me @mjmorrow and stay connected with the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network Forum before, during and after Cisco Live by joining our communities on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter,


Monique Morrow


New Frontiers Development and Engineering