There has never been a better time for Cisco to show up as an innovator in a space not normally associated with our business in order to expand the conversation beyond the wall of IT. At this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Innovation Summit attendees will experience Cisco’s ability to enable the business outcomes that they and their clients need to thrive, and help customers create a story by bringing data to life.

In order for businesses to get in front of the curve to capture mindshare, we must approach our evolution from a space of disruption and creativity—with a focus on real stories from our customers and partners that tell how our technology is transforming entire industries and countries. Relevancy and context for the solutions Cisco enables impact more than the bottom line. At Cannes Lions, we will answer not only how do we do it, but why?

Below are the top reasons Cisco is an essential part of integrating innovation, technology, and creativity at Cannes Lions 2016:

Technology + Innovation = Creativity
For our Cannes debut, we focused on finding a way to tell our story that would resonate with attendees. Conversations in the Cisco booth at the Lions Innovation Summit will provide a pivot point to discuss solutions that are becoming increasingly relevant to the creative community. Our Wine Demo is an onsite experience that highlights how technology impacts everything organizations build and sell, as well as how they communicate. Conversations will revolve around big data, analytics, networking, security, mobility, remote expert, and Omni channel experiences—all of which are enabled by Cisco technology. We’re excited to bring this experience to the event and celebrate creativity through technology with delegates.


Audience Experience
The audience at Cannes Lions is looking for data-driven insights. Cisco is able to provide rich content that is relevant to the unique mix of attendees and the diverse platforms they rely on to accomplish their objectives. We will discuss everything from how mobility enables consumption on-the-go to how it helps people use devices to shop intelligently, track environmental conditions, or create revenue using apps. We’ll show how everything is managed and enhanced by the evolution of Cisco solutions. Explore our customer stories to see what’s possible today.

Brand Relevance – Sharing Cisco’s Story
One of the biggest trends at Cannes Lions will focus on how brands are presenting themselves creatively through an association with what they do best. Companies will share how they leverage technology and data to spur innovation. Cisco’s new brand campaign—“There’s Never Been a Better Time”—embodies how communities are connecting, consuming and sharing data, and using insights to create a strong, encompassing strategy quickly and easily. #NeverBetter. We’d love to hear your story!

Community Impact Through Technology   
Even in a B2B environment, community is essential for validation, influence, and growth. Customers seek companies with strong cultures to which they feel aligned. Cisco will discuss the value of context and community relevance to create a platform for people to act differently. We have learned through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that companies want to start movements, not campaigns. Cisco’s CSR platform is a great example of how trends of human behavior let big brands challenge the status quo for increased relevancy. From an outsider’s perspective, Cisco provides companies with network capabilities. But, we do more than that.  Learn how using a company’s or an individual’s core competencies can make good things possible, along with a challenge for all of us to innovate in the CSR space in this great blog on Cisco’s CSR and Creativity here.

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Molita Sorisho

Product Marketing Manager