The Internet of Things (IoT) has already started to transform the world—and it is the next big wave of growth in our industry. At the edge of the network, devices are becoming more intelligent, and gateways are enabling the efficient, secure transmission of data by connecting legacy and new infrastructure to each other and to the cloud. As these “systems of systems” proliferate, the volume of data available for analysis multiplies exponentially. The software-defined datacenter is becoming increasingly important as it provides economies of scale for big data storage and analytics—and the importance of keeping that data secure from device to datacenter is paramount. A holistic approach that integrates hardware, software, and services is crucial for developing IoT in the coming decade.

Collaborators in Innovation

At the center of this transformation is a new ecosystem where industry leaders join forces to enable real-world use cases and deliver greater value to customers. Together, Cisco and Intel are committed to delivering innovation across the IoT spectrum—from devices at the edge to datacenters on the backend, and everything in between. This shared end-to-end vision for IoT closely aligns scalable Intel architecture with Cisco’s portfolio of multi-service edge products, powering the Internet of Things across a wide variety of industries.

On Wednesday, May 21, at 10:00 a.m., I’ll be joining a Cisco Live 2014 keynote panel “The Internet of Everything Ecosystem – Bringing IT and OT Together with the Internet of Thingsalong with Cisco, EMC, and NetApp. If you’re headed to the event, I invite you to explore the business opportunities made possible by the Internet of Things.

Ecosystem for Change

The Internet of Things is creating a revolutionary new paradigm, and Intel is proud to be working with Cisco and the rest of the technology industry to apply the massive potential of the Internet of Things to achieving real-world solutions. To help get there, we recently founded the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) along with AT&T, Cisco, GE, and IBM. This not-for-profit group is working to guide the efforts of industry, academia, and government to accelerate the Internet of Things and establish open interoperability standards and common architectures for IoT solutions.

Internet of Things in Action

During the Cisco Live 2014 keynote panel, I’ll reveal how a leader in next-generation fleet management solutions is using the power of an end-to-end IoT solution at work today—device, network, and cloud all working together—turning data into actionable business insight

The future for IoT is bright! Join me on Wednesday this week to see why.

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Doug Davis

Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things Group (IOTG)