In Part 3 of my hack blog series, I shared the value of accessing talent to dig into your data. Together with understanding process, you’ll be a step ahead in transitioning your business in a very competitive landscape.

Today, I’m introducing my third data-driven hack. A hack you need to get started on right away.

Hack No. 3: Relying on a Diverse Listening Infrastructure

As you move from reactive to proactive, you have to construct your listening infrastructure. You must have the right data sources, because if you’re unaware of the available data, you’re never going to get the data you need.

In other words, if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail to you.

If you surround yourself with the same data sources, those will naturally lead you to draw the same conclusions every time you search for insights.

As I’ve shared previously when discussing personal listening infrastructures, you should begin by asking yourself:

  1. Who are the individuals, communities, companies, etc. to whom I should be listening?
  2. How will I connect with them, and stay connected to their feedback?
  3. In what way will I organize the information so that I can quickly distill appropriate insights for the issues?

When KMPG’s Global Infrastructure division decided to start listening, especially to social media, they were able to glean insights such as the tone of individuals as they spoke about infrastructure and what devices were used to discuss infrastructure.

This unique perspective provided KMPG with the opportunity to know what messages to impart and how to reach their listening structure.

Start Listening Now

When you make a decision, write down what sources drove you toward that decision. Typically, you’ll be surprised to learn that it was one person, one gut feeling, or a specific moment that influenced you. Then, think about all of the other resources you could be using for that decision-making process. What contextually-based information is available to you? Other data driven sources that could help you determine the best course of action include:

  • Social media
  • Competitor information
  • Economic information

See if you can make it to five data-rich sources. Five sensible, well-informed sources that you can go to each time you need to make a choice. You’ll need these if you’re going to become proactive. You can also learn more about this concept in my Five to Thrive blog.

Listening more expansively is something you can begin today. No waiting. No deep research. Just ask yourself a few questions and begin. And don’t miss my final blog and my final hack: How Can You Make Trust Key to Your Success?

Share your listening stories below.


Joseph M. Bradley

Global Vice President

Digital & IoT Advanced Services