The high performance, ruggedized design and multiple transport options of Cisco’s IoT gateways have delivered high value business outcomes ranging from increased operating efficiency with remote asset management to new customer experiences from Wi-Fi services onboard public transportation.

Yet, several mission critical applications remained unserved by current IoT offerings in the market. Customers in areas such as public safety, mass transit and transaction monitoring demanded WAN connectivity across simultaneous LTE networks. The Cisco IR 829 dual LTE gateway now delivers secure connectivity across multiple carriers with the simple management necessary to deploy and operate cost-effectively at scale as well as the edge application execution to transform IoT data into business insight and action.

Early adopters of the product include organizations such as the City of Olathe using the multipath LTE connectivity coupled with key features such as location aware GPS services for mobile communications with police vehicles and first responders.

The flexible communications options resident within the IR 829 dual LTE’s small, ruggedized form factor unlock new value for energy companies as well. For example, Great River Energy uses the IoT gateway across remote substation with the cellular network acting as alternative backhaul to their operations center working in conjunction with their primary WAN. The built-in Wi-Fi services provide secure connectivity for field services technicians at the substation to further streamline maintenance processes.

Mass transit authorities will benefit from redundant connectivity and options to provide services from multiple carriers.  The improved quality of service and configurable routing policies offer value for both passenger Wi-Fi services as well as service assurance for delivery of telematics data. Location aware services driven with GPS information from the IR 829 open the way for new services such as real-time arrival information and integration with digital display signs.

These IoT applications and many others benefit from the compact form factor, integrated 9-32 VDC power input, and dual multimode 3G and 4G LTE wireless WAN and IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN connections. The Cisco IR 829 dual LTE is designed for hostile environments including shock, vibration, dust, humidity, and water, as well as a wide temperature while delivering enterprise-grade wireline-like services such as quality of service (QoS), advanced VPN and edge application execution via Cisco IOx. The Cisco IR 829 further offers the flexibility to integrate with the Cisco LoRaWAN gateway for IoT use cases requiring integration of battery-powered sensors.

If you want to see how police cars get real-time data, stop by the cloud managed dual LTE IR 829 booth in the Cisco Live IoT & Industry District to watch a live emergency vehicle in action. I will also be presenting customer use cases featuring mission critical IoT applications in the IoT and Industries solution theater on Wednesday, 6/28 at 5:45 pm. See you in Las Vegas!

To learn more, visit www.cisco.com/go/ir829.


John Reno

Marketing Manager