In our era of digital revolution, speed is the name of the game. From the rapid release of innovative products, solutions, and ideas to the constant emergence of new business possibilities, things are moving fast.

Staying competitive in today’s marketplace means always being ready to seize opportunities as they arise. How can IT enable the business to do this? What do digital leaders need to be doing now so their organizations can be ready for tomorrow? And, as we move forward, how do we ensure that our security moves forward too?

There’s only one place to take questions this big: to the experts in a #CiscoChat. At the end of last month, we gathered together professionals from Cisco and beyond to help us find some answers. Below are some of the highlights that emerged from our contributors during the chat:

Question 1: What is IT’s role in enabling digital transformation?


Question 2: What are IT leaders’ concerns when enabling #digitization in their organization?


Question 3: What is the most important aspect of a digital-ready network?


Question 4: Do you think your network is secure against ever-evolving threats in the era of digital transformation?


Question 5: What would it take to convince your boss to take on the digital journey?


Question 6: What are some innovations that can ensure that your network is already digital?

Special thanks to those who participated and made this such a fun and insightful #CiscoChat! We look forward to continuing the conversation. Join @CiscoServices and @Cisco_IoT on Wed, April 5th at 11AM PST to talk about benefits and obstacles on the way to digitization through IoT.


Denise Denson-Hanson

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions Marketing - Services