From cloud computing to devices that allow us to take work anywhere, everywhere, right in our pockets, the last few years have seen some of the most redefining, technology-driven shakeups in the history of business. Now, IoT has taken the stage as the next big thing in digital transformation. How is IoT already changing the way we do business? What are the pain points, challenges, and barriers to adoption? And, as IoT becomes more integrated into our work lives, what does the future hold?

On April 5th, we held a #CiscoChat called “How Can IoT Accelerate Digital Transformation” to discuss some of these pressing issues. It was a fascinating conversation with contributions from individuals and thought leaders all over the world. Below, we’ve captured some of the questions and standout responses from the Chat. Enjoy, and feel free to add your voice to the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #CiscoChat.


Question 1: How should companies approach the bright shiny object that is IoT?






Question 2: What outcomes are businesses seeking when they start their digital transformation?





Question 3: What are the grueling barriers when a company adopts the IoT?

















POLL Question: Which industry do you think sees the most impact from the IoT today?



Question 4: What are business pain points when integrating Information Tech and Operational Tech?





Question 5: By going #digital how can businesses benchmark and maximize their ROI?





Question 6: Where do you the IoT and digital transformation will be in 10 years?





Special thanks to those who participated and made this such a fun and insightful #CiscoChat! We look forward to continuing the conversation. Join @CiscoServices on Wed, May 3rd at 11AM PT to talk about why businesses are turning to collaboration as a service in today’s digital era.

To  learn more about how IoT is enabling digital transformation, take a look at this report.


Srinivas Hanabe

Director, Enterprise PSM

Enterprise Networking and Mobility