We have some exciting news! Very soon you’ll have a DevNet sandbox for one of our Cloud security solutions: Umbrella. In this blog, I will walk you through all that we have developed in the last few months. Now if you don’t like reading, or if you want to know even more, then register to join the upcoming webinar. The sandbox details will be shared in that webinar and we will walk you through some cool demos.

Umbrella Cloud-Security: Introducing New Learning Labs and Sandbox
January 25, 2021 at 9:00 am U.S Pacific Time |  17:00 London, UK (GMT)
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Umbrella DevNet Sandbox

If you want to learn how to use the Umbrella APIs and start automating more in your environment, then you can use the Umbrella DevNet Sandbox to play around. This sandbox can be scheduled and an Umbrella account will be spun up for you, with the APIs exposed. It uses single-sign-on (SSO) to automatically sign you in to the dashboard, and allows you to play around for the reserved time.

The cool thing is that it has actual data and security events inside of the Umbrella organization. This solves the old problem of not getting any data back when you are doing some GET requests. Due to this data, you are able to try out all of the brand-new Umbrella Reporting API v2 endpoints! The sandbox availability will be announced at the webinar.

Umbrella Learning Labs

It can be hard to get started with using APIs. So, we have developed a new learning lab that you can walk through while using the sandbox (or your own account). At the time of this writing, this includes a general introduction lab to Umbrella, as well as a more detailed lab for the Umbrella Reporting API v2 endpoints. There is sample Python code and Postman requests that are pre-made and will be used in the lab trainings.

But wait, there is more: many more labs will be created for you regarding Umbrella, so stay tuned for more announcements! All of this will be released during the webinar!

Umbrella cloud security sandbox

Umbrella DevNet Microsite

Where can you find all of the above-mentioned information? This will all be centrally located on the new Umbrella DevNet Microsite. Find documentation about Umbrella APIs, the sandbox, sample code and the learning labs all in one place! Whenever new things come out for Umbrella on DevNet, this will be the place to be. More on this soon!

To summarize: we have much new stuff of Umbrella coming on DevNet. Register to join us on the 25th of January so that we can walk through all of this together.

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