What will you gain at DevNet Create?

Before I dive in to telling you about the Secure Code Warrior tournament at Cisco DevNet Create, let me first say a few things about Cisco DevNet Create – Cisco’s annual, global, free, and (this year) virtual developer conference.

DevNet Create (which this year happens to coincide with Cybersecurity Awareness Month) provides a great opportunity to learn from others in the community on a wide range of topics in the software development, cloud infrastructure, and infrastructure automation space. Like learning more about leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts into your day-to-day projects. At DevNet Create you’ll get:

  • Mad Skills: you’ll get hands-on learning, matched with cross-vertical and cross-platform sessions featuring the developer tools and frameworks you want to learn.
  • Brain Food: you’ll walk away with new, innovative ways of approaching even your toughest enterprise challenges.
  • Networking Power: listen and learn from your fellow community members from around the globe and in your region.
  • Community Power: you’ll learn and hone your skills alongside a global developer community of your peers. Watch your peers in the community share their challenges and solutions.

Check out the outstanding line-up of speakers, as well as the full agenda of technical sessions, demos, and keynotes

Now, what’s this Secure Code Warrior tournament all about?

This year we will be running the awesome training and tournament again with our partner Secure Code Warrior. This is meant for both beginners who want to learn new secure code skills, as well as for experienced coders who want to show off their skills (and win awesome prizes). The prizes range from headphones, to Raspberry Pi 400 personal computer kits, hoodies, and more. Also, we will be inviting the top 25 attendees to join a post-conference elite challenge. This tournament will be for the ultimate secure coder honor, and prizes, so you want to make sure you reach the top 25!

Not into a tournament, but want to get started with secure code writing?

If you are less into the tournament, but more into getting started with secure code writing, then you can also take a course at your own pace.

Secure Code Warrior makes secure coding a positive and engaging experience for developers as they increase their software security skills. With their flagship learning platform, each coder is guided along their own preferred learning pathway. Their industry leading approach personalizes your learning experience by providing you with the opportunity to learn in your preferred language framework. You are guided through interactive code-level challenges and missions.  If you are stumped, take a hint and benefit from contextual learning as you work your way to the secure solution.  Most importantly, you build new skills whatever your starting level. And, you have some fun along the way.

Tell me about the tournament during DevNet Create

Devvie Defends: Challenge (Round 1)
For those who prefer a fun competition or want to prove themselves as the most secure coder, join in the live Devvie Defends: Challenge. It will start after the keynote presentation and concluding two hours before closing remarks.

  • The Devvie Defends: Challenge align with Cisco’s focus on Cloud Native applications. It will include popular web application language frameworks like GO, Node.js Express, and Python along with some classics like Java and C# .NET to choose from as you engage in this head to head competition.
  • Check the live leaderboard throughout the event to see where you are placed – don’t be surprised by those late entrants who sprint to the finish!
  • The Top 3 winners will earn prizes and bragging rights
  • AND the Top 25 will earn their seat in Devvie Secures: Tournament (Round 2) – a new elite tournament to be held the following week.

Devvie Secures: Tournament (Round 2)
This year we kicked it up a notch by including this elite tournament to be held the week after DevNet Create. The Top 25 from Round 1 will compete in a final tournament to crown this ye”Secure Code Champion.”

  • The heat will be turned up as the difficulty of challenges increases and players will also be tested with advanced missions to earn even more points as they fight their way to the top!
  • The Top 3 will earn premium prizes and uber bragging rights, with prizes for everyone who competes.

Devvie Learns: self-paced training courses

This year we are offering EVERYONE, at any skill level, the opportunity to build “mad skills” through a selection of Secure Code Warrior’s latest and topical self-paced courses.

  • Security Measures for “EO-Critical Software” Courses – As you may have heard, the recent Executive Order (EO) announced earlier this year addresses the US government’s plan to harden federal networks and improve cybersecurity standards across the nation. This includes a focus on secure software development for all government departments and their software supply chain which is rapidly reaching far beyond the US borders.
    • Take one of these courses and be ahead of the industry and your peers, helping you build the skills and learn about the secure coding topics and complete code level challenges aligned to the specifics of the EO for building critical software.
    • Courses will be categorized by Web, Web API, Mobile, and Infrastructure-as-Code and each will be available in a selection of language frameworks.
  • Secure Coding 101 Course will also be available for new learners or non-developers. This course is for those who are curious to learn and build their foundational knowledge of secure coding principles. You’ll have the opportunity to complete challenges in pseudocode (a descriptive language anyone can understand) to bring these concepts to life as you build the foundation of your secure coding skills.

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