CiscoLive US is nearly upon us and I’ll be jumping on a plane in just a few short days and hoping to meet many of you there to talk DevNet, Network Automation, Application Development and more! The DevNet Sandbox team will be back in the DevNet Zone and looking forward to helping you get hands on with Cisco solutions super fast, 24×7, self serve in minutes through the DevNet Sandbox Portal and of course the best bit, totally free!

Now, sure, it wouldn’t be a CiscoLive without a new sandbox or two released. But, this time round we’ve gone all out for our lovely community and are releasing TEN new sandboxes for you to get stuck into learning, building and innovating on.

Our new releases cover ground across Networking, Data Center, IoT, Security, Cloud, Collaboration and Open Source. It’s really that good a spread, and take the total number of sandboxes available to you up over 70! No matter what your focus, there’s something for you.

DevNet Sandbox CLUS19Figure 1 – Get Hands-On in Minutes Across The Cisco Technology Portfolio

Ten New Releases – So much choice!

So, what do we have for you? In the networking department we have IOS XE on Catalyst 9000 16.12 EFT: The IOS XE on Catalyst 9000 Sandbox offers developers access to a physical Catalyst 9000 switch running a preview release of the upcoming 16.12 IOS XE code release. Here you can test out the programmability features and data models available in this upcoming upgrade, including application hosting on the network device itself!

We’ve also extended our super popular Multi-IOS Test Network Sandbox to include SD-WAN topology enablement including vEdge, vBond and vSmart, to give you even more environments to design and develop test applications and network automation.

Also, extending you access to Meraki development, there’s a new set of Meraki Enterprise sandboxes which provides a developer environment to experiment with the Cisco Meraki Dashboard, Dashboard API, Captive Portal integration, MV Sense, Webhook Alerts, and Location Scanning.

In the data center category we’ve added Network Assurance Engine into the mix which provides continuous verification and analysis of the entire data center ACI network and allows you to configure assurance groups and compliance rules, access smart events, view epoch deltas and much more.

For IoT, we’ve a brand new partner sandbox from Alleantia which provides access to the Alleantia IOx application as well as Kinetic Edge Fog Processing Module (EFM) to see and touch how our partners are innovating with Cisco IoT solutions.

In cloud, we’ve released Cisco Container Platform to 3.1.0, you can get your hands on the latest version of Project Joy for extracting data from live network traffic in Security, see the power of the open source MindMeld AI solution, hit collaboration if you want to get hands on with the latest Cisco UC Manager v12.5 release and back to networking for some NETCONF / YANG network automation with the latest IOS XE code base.


A whole world of cutting edge tech – all available in minutes!

For sure, we’ve been busy. But we’re not stopping. We don’t feel like we’ve even got started!

We’ve got a fully stacked roadmap of new, exciting sandboxes to come and we’ll keep working hard to make innovation easy for all of our community!

Attending CLUS?…See us in the DevNet Zone

The DevNet Team will be at CLUS from the weekend onwards, with an action packed DevNet Zone and some huge announcements planned.

There will also be more content than ever before including new innovation Demos, Learning Labs, Workshops, Classes, the ‘Start Now!’ area for folks to get started on their developer journeys with Cisco, and the Sandbox booth will be hosting the incredibly popular Tablet Teaser Challenge once again after the fun and community interaction we had at CiscoLive Europe in January!

DevNet Sandbox CLUS19_2Figure 2 – Claim the No. 1 spot!

Since it’s so fast and easy to get access to great technology through DevNet Sandbox, we’re slowing you down…by making you build your own tablet device to connect to DevNet Sandbox, first!

Check out the full agenda of sessions, workshops, demos, and activities waiting for you in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live  – if you haven’t already, sign in to DevNet today!

Hopefully I’ll catch you in San Diego, but if not, perhaps at one of the many DevNet events in 2019!

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Tom Davies

Manager, DevNet Sandbox

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