The year is still young, but the DevNet Sandbox team has been hard at work to bring you a host of new sandboxes before the first month is through, and if you’re heading to CLEUR a fun new challenge to attempt.

New sandboxes give you free access, to the latest Cisco and Open Source Tech

First up, a selection of shiny-new Sandboxes you have fast and simple access through the DevNet Sandbox Portal, available 24×7, with free, online access:

Cisco Container Platform (CCP) v2.2: CCP takes away the pain from deploying and maintaining your container platforms on premise for your entire organisation. It is based on open source components (100% upstream Kubernetes, Docker, Contiv, Nginx, etc.), has a rich API as well as a simple GUI, choice of networking solutions, automated monthly updates, built-in monitoring, and of course you can go hybrid simply by extending to manage your clusters in AWS…what more can a container platform developer ask for?!

DevNet Sandbox containersContainers…Containers everywhere…in minutes!

Cisco DNA Center v1.2.8: Want to control your network programmatically? Deploy faster? Automate more? Then Cisco DNA Center is for you! Get hands-on with the latest release and real hardware and give the API a spin! Create network intents, obtain events and notifications and develop new solutions, all through the API.

Cisco Webex RoomKit v9.6: The latest version of xAPI is provided in this sandbox, with access to the RoomKits themselves. Learn how to programmatically configure your device, start video calls, control the room device and much more.

And we’ve got many more new solutions and releases in Sandbox, across our Data Center, security, IoT portfolio and more. Go check them out (well, after you finish reading this blog)!

Going to CLEUR?…Come to the DevNet Zone

The DevNet Team will of course be at CLEUR, with an amazing DevNet Zone, including new Demos, Learning Labs, Workshops, Classes, a new ‘Start Now!’ area for folks to get started on their developer journeys with Cisco, some great surprises and much more!

On the DevNet Sandbox booth, we’ve got a new Tablet Teaser challenge that should test those building skills. Since it’s so fast and easy to get access to great technology through DevNet Sandbox, we’re slowing you down…by making you build your own tablet device to connect to DevNet Sandbox, first!

DevNet Sandbox Tablet Teaser ChallengeWho wants that top spot?!

You can read more about the ‘GEAN’ based app built for this challenge in my next blog coming very soon.

There are great prizes for the fastest time of the day, plus you can meet the DevNet Sandbox team and chat about our sandboxes and tell us what functionality you’d love us to build into the our hugely popular platform next!

The team always loves the feedback and our community of users is what makes us tick! If you can’t make CLEUR then feel free to use the sandbox forums to chat to us.

Looking forward to meeting you in Barca.

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Tom Davies

Manager, DevNet Sandbox

Developer Experience