The DevNet Zone at Cisco Live is now entering it’s 6th year, and while some things change, other things stay the same.  Over the years I’ve had the privilege of presenting most of the DevNet Zone introductory coding classes — classes on REST APIs, Git, Python, etc — and one constant has been that the Coding 1001 (previously 101), Coding 1002 (previously 102), and Coding 1003 (previously 103) have been the most highly attended sessions in the DevNet Zone year to year!  And I can tell you, they aren’t coming to see my pretty face!

As the tenets of network programmability become widely adopted and Infrastructure-as-Code becomes the accepted norm in IT organizations, this foundational coding knowledge will continue to grow in popularity.  This is where the new “Start Now” area of the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live! Barcelona comes into play.

Why visit the DevNet Zone “Start Now” area

The “Start Now” area is designed for those who want to get into programming, network programmability, or just understand how it all fits into the big picture.

Three reasons to stop by the “Start Now” area:

  1. If you can’t make it to that Coding 1001 or 1002 session because you have a breakout or meeting at the same time, well have no fear.  Over the course of the entire week we will be offering 1001 and 1002 back to back, everyday, all day. Stop by the Start Now area whenever it fits your schedule.
  2. Mentors will be available around the clock to field literally ANY question pertaining to DevNet — learning labs, sandbox, programming, NetDevOps, Git, Python, REST APIs, Postman, and even what any of that stuff I just mentioned even means!
  3. (And this is probably the most valuable portion of the “Start Now” area) … instructional staff will be on hand to help you get your own laptop setup with the proper tools to be an awesome software development machine (plus some fun tricks to make using those tools a productive delight!)

The Start Now area will also have materials to help you set a baseline for getting the most out of the many demos, workshops, and learning labs that the DevNet Zone has to offer.

If you’ll be in Barcelona with us and want to “Start Now” with DevNet, here’s what you do — Join DevNet now, then come on by and we will get you coding!

Want to learn more about all that will be waiting for you in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live in Barcelona?

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