Everyone needs a best friend at work, and for me that special person is Denise.  On normal office days, we sit across from each other, and brainstorm all day long.  Some of your favorite DevNet community ideas were born right there, in our Cisco office, so make sure you thank Denise the next time you see her.


The one thing you probably don’t want to say to Denise (because she’s tired of hearing it) is:

Hi, I’m looking for Silvia Speeva. Do you know where she is?

First of all, my last name is pronounced SPYva.  Second, Denise is nice, but a little tired of hearing “Where’s Silvia?“.  So, in the hopes of saving Denise from having to answer that question so many times, here is my schedule for Cisco Live Europe, Barcelona, 2019.


I love it when Cisco Live starts with a good DevNet Express, and we have a very special one planned for you in Barcelona!  This year, we are focusing on Security.  If you’d like to join us, reserve your seat now.  Look for familiar faces, and get a headstart to a week of Cisco learning.




This is going to be a big family reunion.  #TeamDevNet reunites for DevNet Zone staff training! We’ll be getting everything ready for those of you who will visit us in person.

If you’re following DevNet online, you’ll get real-time updates on our new Cisco Live page.



Cisco_BeTheBridge_SilviaSpiva_DevNet_Community_Manager_Appreciation_DayOn Monday, Chris, Julio, and I will begin a week-long documentary of Cisco Developer Community success stories.  You’ll get to hear directly from people who are industry leaders and truly inspirational technologists.  Whether you’re looking to make a personal career change, or trying to take your ideas and projects to the next level, you’ll want to make time to listen to this priceless advice. I’m especially looking forward to interviewing Koen Jacobs, to learn more about his special brand of leadership, which has inspired so many Systems Engineers to embrace DevNet training.

In the afternoon, you will see more tweets than usual from me, as I lead a Cisco #BeTheBridge workshop on how to #IMPACTsocialmedia.  My goal is to help each of YOU turn social media channels around, from places of complaining and negativity, to forums for education and positivity.  I will have a special challenge for you, so make sure you are following me @silviakspiva.



The interview I’m most excited about for this day is the one where I get to showcase all the amazing work done by my dear friend Chara Kontaxi.  She continues to educate and inspire Cisco customers, partners, and fellow employees all over the planet.  You’ll love getting to know her better.


We’ll also have lots of updates for you @CiscoDevNet and @Cisco.


On Wednesday, we’ll get to hear from two of Europe’s leading Programmability innovators: Chintan Patel and Stefan Leemann. They will expand on our previous conversations about how the role of the traditional Network Engineer has changed, and give us more ideas on how modern teams are being designed.

It’s going to be a busy and long day in the DevNet Zone and beyond.  Fortunately, I hear some folks in the Team are planning a nice party.



As we begin to wrap-up our week in Barcelona, we’ll circle back to the global sensation known as #DevNetExpress.  We’ll hear from #dCloud Community Manager Anne Robotti, and Cisco Systems Engineer Judith Schmitz, two influential technologists who drive Cisco technology adoption globally.

Look for daily videos to summarize our activities in the DevNet Zone.  Make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel!


When I’m not recording video interviews, or livestreaming conference announcements and special moments, look for me in the DevNet Zone, particularly in the Start Now area.


Friday is also my day to work the DevNet aMazing Race!  Be ready to win this challenge, by training up on DevNet content.

Watching online?

If you won’t be attending in person this time, please look for updates on our Cisco Live page: developer.cisco.com/ciscolive.


Do you love the DevNet Zone?  Make sure you send a Thank You tweet to the Queen of the DevNet Zone: Erin Winchester.

See you soon!


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