“To do, or not to do.” That is the question. Do you find you are asking yourself this question often? Well, while I can’t speak about your other dilemmas, let me help you with any confusion you might have regarding how to get started on your IoT journey. My July 21st webinar will be a great place for you to start.

Where do you even start with IoT?

Chances are if you have come this far reading this blog, you have made up your mind to embark upon the journey to equip your arsenal with more skills and knowledge regarding IoT.

You certainly own a smart device, don’t you? Great! Then you are already a part of the IoT world. How? If you are using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then you are already into IoT as these are some of the fundamental protocols that apply to IoT. There are many other protocols and standards which you should know about while deep-diving into the IoT world. Since IoT is adapted in so many different markets, each market or application has its own suitable IoT protocol that aligns to their requirements.

Consider the MQTT protocol. It has gained popularity in industries such as Supply Chain & Logistics, and Healthcare because of its lightweight properties and simplicity. Check out Cisco DevNet Intro to IoT Technologies – Protocols, Tools, and Software Module to learn about this protocol with a  hands-on DevNet Learning Lab!

There are many resources you can find by visiting the DevNet IoT Dev Center to get you started with IoT. You’ll find introductory topics such as:

  • how to develop applications using Cisco IOx
  • getting started with Cisco Kinetics Gateway Management Module (GMM)

You can take advantage of these resources and more to get familiar with cutting edge Cisco IoT technologies.

Get prepared for an IoT professional certification

In the webinar, you’ll get an overview of the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist, IoT Certification Exam. We’ll cover some ground on the topics the exam enlists, and what percentage of questions are to be expected from each module. We will also talk about some resources which will be useful to help you prepare for this certification exam.

See what my fellow Dev Advocate Jock Reed has to say about this certification, along with a short breakdown of the exam topics here.

There has never been a better time to get certified

Online, proctored exams are now delivered in most countries around the globe now. Thus, now is the ideal time to prepare for and earn your professional certification.

Please join me for the webinar on July 21st at 8:00 AM PDT.  Register Now! 

See you all there!

IoT webinar

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Shweta Palande

Developer Advocate

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