The newly virtual CiscoLive US event is just around the corner. To complement the excitement, DevNet Sandbox is releasing a raft of latest releases for all to use!

In the networking domain, we’ve got the latest versions of Cisco SD-WAN, Cisco DNA Center, and Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) releases ready to investigate. There’s also the sandbox for Cisco’s Network Service Orchestrator (NSO), so you can explore how it can radically aid you in automating your networks and moving toward NetDevOps tool chains.

Finally, we’ve released an AppDynamics sandbox in the cloud domain, so you can explore powerful end-to-end application monitoring capabilities.

Let’s explore each one:

Cisco SD-WAN

We have two new Cisco SD-WAN sandboxes to be exact! We have released an Always-On Sandbox for API exploration in seconds. Also, a reservable Sandbox provides you your very own deployment to use. You can read about the full details of these sandboxes in this blog.  Safe to say, they are packed with the latest SD-WAN releases, and are extensive in the topology that you can explore.

Cisco DNA Center v.

You can now explore the very latest Cisco DNA Center v. release in an Always-On Sandbox. This means that you have access the very latest APIs and associated networking data in seconds.

CLUS 2020 DevNet SandboxesFigure 1 – Access To Cisco DNA Center & the APIs In Seconds!

Cisco Modeling Labs v2.0

We have provided a couple of new Cisco Modeling Labs v2.0 sandboxes for the new release of CML v2.0. This is a complete software update and re-write with tons of fantastic new features. You can read more about CML v2.0 in this blog. The sandboxes gives you a timebound CML instance, either Personal edition or Enterprise Edition, depending on the sandbox you select. You have pre-configured topologies to explore in this new release, and it’s amazing capabilities for modelling Cisco networks virtually.

Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO)

The Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) sandbox is discussed in this blog. NSO is a multi-domain orchestration platform used to manage the configuration life-cycle of physical and virtual network devices. This sandbox uses CML to model the lab topology used by NSO. It contains a variety of network elements, so that you can learn the features and benefits of the fantastic NSO network config life-cycle management platform.

CLUS 2020 DevNet SandboxFigure 2 – Network Service Orchestrator Sandbox Topology

Cisco AppDynamics

Last but not least, we have released a new AppDynamics Sandbox. It provides you with an environment to deploy several AppDynamics agents. You’ll find a sample application to understand how AppDynamics provides end-to-end application monitoring, and allows you to quickly resolve performance issues before they become business problems.

Join us at Cisco DevNet Day – June 18th

We hope you really enjoy these new sandbox releases and that they help you learn, develop and innovate.

We also hope you can make it to CiscoLive, June 16-17. and also Cisco DevNet Day, June 18, for a huge amount of learning content across keynotes, demo jams, technical tracks and even a game show or two in the mix…

And come back to DevNet Sandbox regularly to check out all our latest releases and highlights!

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