You’re probably as excited by the latest release of Cisco SD-WAN as I am. And you probably want to get your hands on it as fast as possible. Why? … Of course, so you can:

  • explore the awesome capabilities of cloud delivered overlay WAN architectures
  • assess the APIs and how developers can streamline operations workflows
  • deploy and manage devices and enhance application experiences.

Well, control your excitement no longer. DevNet Sandbox is releasing two new sandboxes that will give you access to Cisco SD-WAN 19.2 in seconds!

SD WAN DevNet Sandbox

Always-on, for instant access!

The Cisco SD-WAN Always-On Sandbox gives you instant access to the SD-WAN APIs to programmatically explore a topology consisting of multiple end points spread across three separate sites.

Users can develop and test SD-WAN based applications, interacting with the SD-WAN API through clients such as postman. To get you started, we’ve also provided you this handy POSTMAN for Cisco SD-WAN repo with a pre-configured environment and collection. (We’re nice like that.)

Reservable Cisco SD-WAN Sandbox

The Cisco SD-WAN Reservable Sandbox provides you with templates for the following use cases:

  • A topology that includes, 1 DC/Regional Hub IOS-XE SD-WAN router (CSR1000v), 2 IOS-XE SD-WAN (CSR1000v) branch routers with 1 router at each branch and 1 vEdge Cloud branch router. All these routers are configured to leverage two transport circuits -MPLS and Public Internet.
  • A centralized hub-n-spoke control policy activated so that, SD-WAN overlay tunnels are formed in Hub-n-Spoke topology with all spokes forming IPsec tunnels only with DC/Hub router. In addition, a WAN emulator which induces 200ms round trip latency and 0.05 loss on the link between Internet router and DC IOS-XE SD-WAN router.

SD WAN DevNet Sandbox

Wait! There’s more…

We want you get the most out of these sandboxes and your exploration of Cisco SD-WAN solutions, so we also got more to get your journey started:


DevNet Sandbox CLUS19

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