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Not very often does the sales systems engineers (SE) team have the opportunity to drive a project from scratch, all the way up to implementation and operation. This month we will have this opportunity again: Delivering Cisco Connect in Brazil!

#CiscoConnectBR is an event for partners and customers, which we haven’t hosted in our country for 5 years! Check out the event hotsite for the complete agenda.

As one movie says “with great power comes great responsibility,” and because of that the #CiscoSE organization is all mobilized to make it happen. We have teams working on the event technology infrastructure. This involves the high-density Wi-Fi network to provide Internet access and the connectivity infrastructure for presentations, demos, and labs. It also directly affects how we will help the participants – our customer and partners – have a great user experience, using tools like Webex Teams to inform, capture insights and open a communication channel with the panelists and specialists present at the event.


Developer Community

The list of teams and activities goes on and on but a special call out here is for the work that we are doing for the “Innovation Zone.” There, our Center of Innovation experts and DevNet ambassador SEs will team up to deliver quick talks about cutting edge technologies like ML/AI and Blockchain, as well as presenting fun and interesting technology demos around AR, IoT, Cloud, Chatbots, and others.

Most of these technologies can already be found in the form of Learning Labs available on DevNet. For demos and mini-hacks, we often use the DevNet Sandboxes as a way to focus on the demo and development instead of spending time on the infrastructure needed.

DevNet Code Exchange

Another exciting addition is what we are calling DevNet Code Exchange where you can find curated GitHub projects for you to ramp up your testing and development faster, using code that we verified. If you are a user of GitHub you know what it means and how much time it can save! I’m very glad that Cisco has done that helping our community to move forward faster on their developments and integrations using our platforms, APIs, and SDKs.

If you are a partner or customer participating in the event, new to DevNet or already part of the community, don’t miss the Innovation Zone agenda! We will be there to talk more about DevNet and the Innovation projects done together with the Center of Innovation!

Talk with your Cisco contact to get invited to experience what Cisco prepared for you.

Please leave questions or comments below. See you at #CiscoConnectBR!

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Flavio Correa

Technical Solutions Architect

Network Transformation - Latin America