A few years ago, I wrote a series of blogs on Cisco’s Domain Ten(SM)  framework.  Since then, we’ve used this simple yet powerful analysis tool to help guide many customers on data center and IT transformation projects.  I personally found it quite notable that leading market analyst firm IDC, recognizing Cisco as the worldwide leader in the Networking Consulting Services arena in their August 2015 IDC MarketScape Worldwide Network Consulting Services 2015 Vendor Assessment (IDC Document #258131), called out Cisco Domain Ten in their assessment of Cisco.

Over the years, as we’ve used this framework to analyse customer IT, data center and cloud challenges, we’ve evolved and tuned the framework.  You can learn more about Cisco Domain Ten, in the video below as well as my original blogs, which are still very relevant.


How then, do you know if a Cisco Domain Ten would help you in your data center, cloud and broader IT initiatives? How do you know if you should be making a Cisco Domain Ten workshop one of your new year’s resolutions for 2016?

If any of the following are on your 2016 “To-Do” list, a Cisco Domain Ten workshop will help you get 2016 off to a flying start.

  • If you are trading off investments between in-house IT, private, public and hybrid cloud
  • If implementing or improving your ITaaS adoption is causing your headaches
  • If you are considering SD adoption and need to consider the implications of SDN beyond the network
  • If you are grappling with the implications of your company’s digital business strategy
  • If you need to standardise your network/compute/storage/operating systems in use in order to drive up agility and drive down OpEx
  • If you are considering how to automate current manual processes in your data cecnter and IT estate
  • If you are aiming to drive down CapEx and/or OpEx costs in 2016 – and want to ensure you consider the full IT estate for cost optimization and not just one or two layers.
  • If you are considering applications rationalization and/or transition key applications to the cloud
  • If your 2016 initiatives include DevOps and/or business analytics
  • If you are concerned about putting the right degree of prioritization on IT security investments

You can learn more about Cisco Domain Ten here on Cisco.com, or via our interactive Cisco Domain Ten demo.  And feel free to contact me via Twitter if you have specific questions.



Stephen Speirs

SP Product Management

Cisco Customer Experience (CX)