The number and type of things connecting and communicating through the Internet increases every day. Business growth and success favors those who fully embrace IT innovation and create improved digital experiences for customers.


Look at the retail industry, where they are driving consumers’ toward the Omni-channel shopping experience. Retail understands that people use social media, online reviews and comparison shopping sites before they buy. And given their access to online or mobile store apps and traditional brick-and-mortar locations, retail stores need to ensure they connect with those users at every point, in a way that’s fast, reliable, and secure.

Ubiquitous connectivity and on-demand services are only going to grow. That means that retails will be competing in these environments and will require modern networking capabilities and distributed compute fabric that can provide the flexibility, availability and security to accompany those demands.


These new requirements are changing also the application landscape.


Applications are increasingly housed in the data center and in cloud platforms, and the Internet edge is moving to the branch and user devices.


There are certainly benefits to consolidating apps and services like this and delivering them over the WAN or the Internet. Such centralization gives you consistent security policy enforcement and can bring about IT equipment and staff efficiencies.


Such market trends put IT on the edge. Some will say on the edge of an evolution… and some will say on the edge of a cliff.


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How can SMB and ROBO (remote office, branch office) in retails and other verticals best compete with those challenges? In a previous post, I described HCI & the benefits of Cisco Hyper converge  solutions, and I am thrilled to share Cisco’s new bundle: Hyper Flex EDGE:

A hyper converged solution which is tailor-made for the small business & ROBO.

A solution that take into consideration with existing networking, virtualization licenses and above all a solution that answers the Increased Compute & Storage Demands at the Edge.  Ready to deal with IT challenges and the willingness to deal with the increase demands on the edge.

Integrate into Your Existing Infrastructure, Intelligent Automation flexible deployment tailored to your specific needs and Simplified Operations with HCI and CI Working Together.

it’s a simple, elegant and price sensitive offering


with this recent addition to the Cisco Hyper converge family  a customer can choose the right solution to his business needs, scale as like,  while having the right economy model.

What are you waiting for? Start today:

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Alon Sela

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions & Data Center for South Europe