Alon Sela

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions & Data Center for South Europe

I bring more than 16 years of sales and customers expertise to the role of Subject Matter Expert in Data Center, 10 years of that as a Cisco veteran. Before joining the marketing organization, i was Product Sales Specialist (PSS) for Cloud solutions.

I have a B.A. in economics and a M.A. in Law, and currently act as a strategic consultant for MBA program at Bar Ilan University.

I live in Tel Aviv Israel and currently, serve as DC SME for South Europe.


May 3, 2017


The Benefits of Living on the HyperFlex Edge

2 min read

The number and type of things connecting and communicating through the Internet increases every day. Business growth and success favors those who fully embrace IT innovation and create improved digital experiences for customers.   Look at the retail industry, where they are driving consumers’ toward the Omni-channel shopping experience. Retail understands that people use social […]

March 16, 2017


HyperFlex 2.0: Start your engines & embrace the flash

2 min read

The hyper coverage market is exploding;  ESG’s latest research confirmed the popularity of HCI: 85% of respondents reported that they currently use or plan to use HCI solutions in the coming months. A broad range of capabilities has driven the organization in that direction: Improved service and support, scalability, agile VM provisioning, predictable costs, simplified […]