When the Cisco Networking Academy Dream Team Grows Up…

August 9, 2016 - 5 Comments

…what do they want to be?

Cisco Live 2016 was an exciting opportunity for a handful of young men and women. As part of the Cisco Networking Academy Dream Team, 10 students worked side-by-side with Cisco engineers in Las Vegas, setting up and maintaining a massive network for more than 28,000 attendees.

Together, they wired over 45 miles of cable and provided wireless coverage to 2.8 million square feet of convention space through 650 access points and 500 switches. It was a week that saw the Dream Team apply their skills in real-life situations, connect with industry professionals, and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

For many of the students, Cisco Live opened their eyes to the IT industry; to fulfilling careers made possible through NetAcad curriculum and courses. It inspired them to continue their education and pursue one of thousands of jobs created by the digitization of our economy. Here, in their own words, are the answers to the question asked at the beginning of this blog:

“After Cisco Live, I know I want to continue on the path I have started to have a meaningful career with my Cisco certifications. Not only do I feel confident in having upgraded my skills, but I will be able to use these skills one day to help others that would like to do the same. I would like to inspire them to never stop learning and growing. That there is always something that you will love doing and somewhere you will love being, you just have to find it and go for it.” — Candice Darrohn

“After Cisco Live, I know I want to… to continue to pursue an IT Networking career. I was inspired by speeches, executive chats and IT trends. My next step is complete my degree in IT Network Administration.” — Olivia Averhart

“After Cisco Live, I know I want to obtain my CCIE as well as my CCDE and secure a job working for Cisco as a Network Engineer. I want to be able to design and implement networks for special events and help develop emerging technologies.” — Kyle Ramsey

“After Cisco Live, I know I want to become a CCIE Security, Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (CPTC), and become the CIO of Cisco.” — Arodi Grullon Fernandez

“After Cisco Live I know I want to get a job with Cisco or with a Cisco partner company and also get my certifications up to the CCIE level in Routing and Switching and Security and even beyond.” — Stephane Zi

“After Cisco Live, I know I want to become CCIE certified and pursue my dream of becoming a network architect.” — Andrew Mueller

Many of the students share the same goals and aspirations; some want to change the world, some want to work for Cisco, and some even want to run their own companies. Growing up, they may have dreamed of becoming firefighters, astronauts, or police officers, but after Cisco Live, they’ve discovered new networking dreams.

Learn how you can enroll in Cisco NetAcad courses and someday become a member of the Dream Team!

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  1. I think the NetAcad is so nice for those who are interested in Networking. And the dream team are so lucky to join the powerful people of Networking

  2. I went from a NetAcad Dream Team member in 2012 to working for Cisco Wireless TAC 2 weeks later. I’ve been here ever since and have loved every minutes of it. My Dream Team experience confirmed that I got very lucky with my new career here and have loved every moment of it. In 2015, I actually made it back to Cisco Live as a member of the Technical Solutions Clinic, providing direct assistance and feedback to our customers. While there I made sure to put my manager in contact with the team and we even recruited one of the 2015 team to come back and work with us. In 2016 my manager went back to Cisco Live and was still trying to scout for new talent. Dream Team members have already went through a more rigorous interview and selection process than we could ever do during the hiring process. Great people, great opportunities. To all previous Dream Team members, I salute you. You are part of an elite group. To anyone thinking of applying for the Dream Team, bring your “A Game” To anyone looking to hire superb talent, look no further.

  3. It’s so inspiring reading all these words from NetAcad students. I am also a student studying for CCNA on NetAcad & will be honored to be part of the next NetAcad dream team. It will be such a blessing to me. Few months from now, I intend to be CCNA certified, then moved to CCNP & CCIE. I love networking, I love NetAcad, I love Cisco Networking Academy.

  4. I saw the Networking Academy Dream Team at the NOC Booth at Cisco Live and was very impressed – both with the team and and also with Cisco’s support of this effort. #proud

  5. …It’s a great pleasure to see a “Cisco Networking Academy Dream Team”… That means that Cisco IT family is growing in quantity and quality through the test of time, since the beginning of a wonderful and interesting journey, with excellent future’ s expectations.

    My respects and greetings from Puerto Rico, where at Aspira/Cisco Regional Networking Academy, I had the opportunity to be part of an excellent team, from 1999- 2009 as CCNA Instructor.

    God bless Cisco, Instructors and students as well…no doubt a family growing fast…