Big issues call for big solutions. Declining community health, poor economic sustainability, and insufficient access to education are just a few of societal challenges we face. But when governments, companies, and nonprofits collaborate strategically, their powerful public-private partnerships (PPPs) can help to overcome them.

Working to leverage the best, locally relevant solutions–while also developing scalable policies and programs–successful PPPs are uniquely positioned to have large-scale impacts on our world. And later this week, you can be an integral part of driving these impacts!

Join us as we discuss these topics and share insights and strategies for success in our upcoming #CiscoChat, Thursday, September 21st, at 10 a.m. PST.

The chat will be led by the Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility Twitter account (@CiscoCSR), and we’ll be joined by four industry experts:

  • Cisco Vice President of Corporate Affairs Laura Quintana (@CiscoNetAcad)
  • Mastercard Director of International Development Sasha Kapadia (@SashaKapadia)
  • Camden Dream Center Executive Board Member Keith Davis (@CamdenCDC)
  • World Bank Senior Infrastructure Specialist Jane Jamieson (@janejamieson05)

By participating in the chat, you’ll learn how businesses can develop and drive productive PPPs with the right combination of people power and transformative technology.

To participate in the chat:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account.
  • Search for the #CiscoChat hashtag and click on the “Latest” tab (or follow this link).
  • Follow the moderator’s account to participate.The Twitter chat will be moderated by the Cisco CSR Twitter account administrator (@CiscoCSR), who will begin welcoming guests at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) and posting questions for discussion.
  • If you need multiple tweets to answer a question, preface each tweet with “1A,” “2A,” etc. in order to make it easier for others to follow along with the conversation.
  • Be sure to use the #CiscoChat hashtag at the end of each tweet, so that others can find your contributions to the discussion.

Don’t forget to bring your own questions to the #CiscoChat. We look forward to talking with you!



Austin Belisle

No Longer with Cisco