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The growth and convergence of people process, data, and things on the Internet – the Internet of Everything — is making networked connections more valuable and relevant than ever before, creating unprecedented opportunities for countries, businesses, and individuals around the globe. Through network technology, we can now join others anywhere in the world to act collectively, pooling resources and talents to solve problems far too big for any one of us to solve alone.

Starting October 7, in partnership with The Huffington Post, Cisco and its Corporate Social Responsibility community we will have an open global dialogue to share experiences and exchange stories on ways technology and the Internet of Everything are being used for social good in key areas like employment, education, healthcare and critical human needs.

We invite you to share your examples of the many ways the convergence of people process, data, and things on the Internet is helping to solve challenges faced in areas like these:

Jobs: In many parts of the world, unemployment, especially among young people, is high. People need access to more job opportunities and training that prepares them for our global, technology-driven economy.

Healthcare: Millions of people worldwide lack adequate access to doctors and specialists, especially in rural communities with fewer healthcare training programs.

Education: Having access to education can lead to a lifetime of financial independence; yet many people around the world do not have access to the quality education they need to build a promising future.

Environment: Increasing energy use, associated greenhouse emissions, and excess waste are contributing to climate change and increasing costs for businesses and consumers.

Resources: The people who grow our food, make our clothes, and assemble our electronic devices are often poor, female, low-wage workers who don’t have Internet access or even bank accounts

Critical Human Needs:

  • 780 million people on Earth lack access to clean water, and 3.4 million die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes.
  • 3 billion people worldwide live on less than US$2 per day. They may have never had a formal job and most likely have, at most, a high school education.

Today, the convergence of people, data, process and things are helping to solve many of these urgent issues. Investing for impact is now a $4 billion dollar market and the interest is growing. Now is the time for global organizations to share new models that will make a lasting impact. This is our intent for this campaign and we hope you will participate and share your best examples of the power of connecting the unconnected.

Read more about foundational work like the Alliance for Affordable Internet or learn about the transformative value of bringing together the “four pillars” of the Internet of Things

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Mary Anne Petrillo

Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility