Cisco’s Bangalore Campus Now Powered by Solar

April 19, 2018 - 62 Comments

I am very excited to announce that Cisco’s Bangalore campus is now using solar power generated by two new offsite solar installations located in Karnataka, India. Cisco recently signed two solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) that will collectively deliver 85,000 megawatt-hours of clean, renewable electricity every year to the local electric grid where our Bangalore campus is located.

These agreements will provide nearly 40% of the electricity we need to power our Bangalore campus and represent a big step towards achieving our FY22 greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and renewable energy goals. This is Cisco’s second renewable energy PPA; we completed our first in 2017, which is now providing solar power to our San Jose, California headquarters.

One of our new offsite solar installations located in Karnataka, India.

Renewable PPA agreements not only allow us to receive solar-generated electricity bundled with the associated Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), but also save us money and reduce volatility in our energy budget by locking in electricity prices over the term of the agreements. Furthermore, they create local jobs and add clean, renewable power to the Indian electric grid, which is critical considering around 75% of the power in India is generated from carbon-intensive coal-fired power plants.

We also installed one megawatt of solar across all of our rooftops at our Bangalore campus a few years ago. Collectively, these onsite solar installations and two new solar PPAs will reduce our Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions at our Bangalore campus by over 70,000 metric tonnes per year, which is equivalent to taking 15,000 cars off roads or planting 1.8 million trees.

Solar panels on the roof of our Bangalore campus buildings.

Moving forward, we will continue to evaluate and implement innovative renewable energy opportunities throughout our global portfolio, focusing on both onsite and offsite systems. This renewable energy strategy, coupled with our continued investment in energy efficiency — 500+ projects completed over the past five years— is putting us well on the path to achieving our 60% GHG reduction and 85% renewable energy target by 2022.

This past year was a great one for Cisco’s sustainability program, and I look forward to seeing what the next year brings!

Please read Cisco’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report to discover all the ways we positively impact people, society, and the planet.


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  1. Great news. Pleasure to the ear. Please do something urgent to 1. Tackle e waste menace, before it's too late. 2. People commuting to work are blackening the environment, and getting sick and tired in the bargain. Please develop a new work culture that can reduce commuting
    , thereby reducing carbon footprint. Bengaluru needs companies like Cisco to make it habitable. Thank you.

  2. This is great news!

  3. Excellent…..thanks for caring the environment….

  4. Great…. have more plant and make bangalore campus 100% solar power, and also reduce people commuting to office using own cars, encourage them to use cisco transport, which will be equivalent to using solar energy.

  5. wow! Love it! way to go Cisco!! Thank you Cisco Solar team!!!
    Deva Lankipalli

  6. This is great. Feeling proud of company and myself too .:)

  7. Congratulations Andy and the entire Global Energy Management and Sustainability team. Cisco cares for the environment.

  8. Excellent initiative. Hope wind energy will also be used in some of the Cisco campuses.

  9. Proud to be a part of Cisco!

  10. Nice to hear cisco's social responsibility

  11. Good to know about this. Proud to be part of Cisco. Looking forward to more environment friendly initiatives..

    any possibility for using renewable energy in Bangalore campus cafeteria?

  12. Its really nice and great achievement to save our lovely and lonely planet.

  13. Thanks Andy for Sharing this , Good to hear that we are using renewable energy , shows we care for the people and for our environment too.

  14. Great to hear this stories. Any plans to install solar across all of our rooftops at our San Jose Buildings ? Any plans to improve energy efficiency of buildings at our San Jose Campus ?

    • Thanks for the comment and good questions. We have implemented hundreds of efficiency projects at our SJC campus over the past 5 years (e.g. LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, etc.) and have more planned for the next few years.In terms of onsite solar, we have very limited rooftop space at our buildings in SJC and installing an onsite carport solar system is much less viable than investing in off-site solar power purchase agreements — our first solar PPA was completed in CA last year.That said, we will continue looking at both onsite and offsite renewable opportunities around the world over the next year and hope to have another big system completed within the next fiscal year.

  15. Solar (Renewable) technology is wonderful – I have it at home. I often wondered how it could be done by IT and sure enough Cisco leads the way (as usual). Keep up the good work and leadership in the sector.

  16. Good to know about this. Proud to be part of Cisco. Looking forward to more environment friendly initiatives..

  17. A great step forward

  18. Wow! I feel proud to be part of Cisco campus and its achievements.

  19. Wow!. This is great achievement. What a way to go …


  20. This is great step in reducing Cisco's carbon footprint.

  21. This infant a fantastic achievement and three cheers to our Leaders to promote green revolution

  22. Great achievement. Applauds.

  23. Congratulations!

  24. Congratulations again Andy!!

    Proud to be Cisco 🙂

  25. Congratulations!

  26. Congratulations Andy on Cisco achieving FY22 greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and renewable energy goals.
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    In Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu for sale
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  27. Congratulations!

    I'd be happy if you could share white paper on this project.

    Thank you, in anticipation.

    Bippin Aswani

  28. Terrific achievement WPR team! Way to go! This clean energy transformation should be showcased for industries in Bangalore and elsewhere in India! Our earth, our environment!!

  29. This is awesome! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

  30. Superb job team

  31. Congratulations to the India Team, Andy and the entire Global Energy Management and Sustainability team. This is an incredible achievement. We do care! Cisco cares!

  32. This is awesome! It would be nice if Cisco did some sort of Brown Bag with employees to share additional info and details on how employees can take steps to do this as well. Like a Solar challenge or something.

  33. As our world's population grows and natural resources become more scarce, it makes me proud to work for a company that takes action to reduce its carbon footprint. Great work Andy and team!

  34. This is a win, win, win for Cisco, our environment, and the people of India!

  35. Terrific leadership in this area by the team!

  36. impressive!

  37. impressive!

  38. This is a fantastic achievement Andy & team! Proud to be part of a company who really cares about our planet.

  39. Awesome!

  40. Making a great difference in our world…! #WeAreCisco

  41. Great thing to do. Happy to know the action and progress.

  42. Excellent !

  43. A delightful news to read. I did wonder what if the roofs and facade windows could be Solorized. Read about the roof top installation in campus and was glad to read about it. And now to know the amount of power being renewable just adds cream on the cake. Excellent move.

  44. Wow, this is just great. Proud moment as a team.

  45. Excellent! Curious to know the savings that we achieve through this initiative and share those metrics to impress & influence others…Way to Go!

  46. A giant leap towards renewal energy , Excellent work !

  47. This is an excellent initiative. Proud to be part of the team working on various sustainability initiatives.

  48. Great Going Cisco in setting yet another example for others to follow !!

  49. Excellent job in using renewable resources

  50. Great job Bangalore team! Lead the way!

  51. This is great news. Absolutely a benchmark among IT companies. Way to go Cisco and Sustainability team………Congrats!

  52. Super initiative and very proud to be a part of this awesome team.

  53. Great news. GO Green Cisco…

  54. Wonderful!!

  55. This is so amazing!! Congratulations!!

  56. Congrats

  57. Wow this is a great news. Hats off to the team who could pull this off together.

  58. Congratulations Andy and the entire Global Energy Management and Sustainability team – excellent achievement!

  59. Congratulations Andy and team! Great work for our planet and Cisco

  60. Congrats!

    • Congrats, lets contribute more to mother earth 🙂 and set an example for all other IT companies.