Cisco Networking Academy has been changing worlds for 20 years. To celebrate this milestone, we are spotlighting some of the 7.8 million students worldwide who have benefited from this IT education and career building program.

Arturo Javier Navarro Luna

  • City: San Luis Potosí, Mexico
  • Current occupation: Applications Developer/ Vulnerabilities Analyst
  • Networking Academy coursework: CCNA, CCNA CyberOps
  • One word to describe his Networking Academy experience: Life-changing

Arturo was in college and selling hardware in a computer supply store when he grew interested in the networking products he was selling. That was when his university teacher told him about the Networking Academy. “I was very excited,” he says. “I wanted a deeper knowledge of why people were buying the hardware.”

Before starting, he boned-up on binary operations, studying every moment he could. “I was like, ‘This is going to be really, really hard,'” he says. “But, my teacher was wonderful. She encouraged me to take the second module and the third module and the fourth module.”

After three years, Arturo is still in touch with his teacher. “Actually, I saw her yesterday. She gave me a new certification.” In the future, Arturo wants to get more involved with cybersecurity. “There are a lot of, of criminals out there with ransomware and phishing.”


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