In America today there is a huge untapped resource that could dramatically improve the productivity of companies across the nation. Renewable energy? Tax breaks? No… It’s the 1 million military veterans returning to the job market. One million individuals who understand teamwork and leadership, have a proven ability to learn quickly, a strong work ethic, dedication, and the ability to work under pressure.

Time magazine called this wave of returning veterans “The Next Greatest Generation.” If we can tap into this resource we can do much to fill the skills gap that our country faces and make progress toward a faster-growing economy. However, many companies have been slow to see this wave. Unemployment for veterans between the ages of 18 and 24 hovers at a shockingly high 22 percent.

Cisco has a long history of seeing market transitions well ahead of the competition, and of being a responsible member of the global community. Cisco is doing both of these with Veterans Corporate Technology Day (VCTD). On November 7, Cisco’s Veterans Enablement and Troop Support (VETS) Employee Resource Organization (ERO) and the Veterans Program in Corporate Affairs will hold their fourth annual Veterans Corporate Technology Day in San Jose, California; Durham, North Carolina; Herndon, Virginia; Englewood, Colorado; and San Antonio, Texas.

Service members who are transitioning into the civilian workforce, veterans who have been in the workforce, and veterans currently employed by Cisco will gather together for professional development. Attendees will participate in résumé critiques, mock interviews, and networking sessions, and hear about Cisco training programs, mentoring programs, and employment opportunities with our channel partners and suppliers. They will also be signed up for the powerful job matching platform created by Futures, Inc. with support from Cisco.

VCTD is a great way for a veteran with an interest in the technology sector to hear firsthand from Cisco veterans how they transitioned from the military into their jobs at Cisco, a company where veterans are represented at every level of the enterprise. What started in 2010 as just a tour of the Cisco campus in North Carolina and a presentation for transitioning soldiers has grown into a flagship annual event. By organizing this event we at Cisco hope to show the business community that hiring and supporting veterans isn’t just good for veterans but good for business.

To learn more about VCTD visit the VETS ERO web page and csr.cisco.com/veterans.


Thomas Bonner

Contract Project Manager

Corporate Affairs