Like no other time in history, the education landscape is changing rapidly. What was once in-person is now online. While innovators are transforming education technology with solutions that remove language barriers, build literacy, improve teacher effectiveness, and more.

For over 23 years Cisco Networking Academy has been ahead of the curve, leading the way in technology education. A global IT and cybersecurity education program powered by its mission to empower all people with career opportunities, Networking Academy is dedicated to transforming the lives of learners around the world. But despite the program’s far-reaching success, many people who could benefit from the program don’t know all it has to offer.

Below are five things you may not know about Cisco Networking Academy:

1.Cisco Networking Academy is the world’s largest and longest running corporate social responsibility (CSR) education program. Made possible through partnerships with education institutions like schools, universities, nonprofits, prisons, and governments, the program serves students from all backgrounds, experiences, and diverse abilities. Cisco provides the program’s best-in-class curriculum and tools to participating academies for free, along with an industry-leading learning platform, instructor development, student career resources, and more.

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2. Networking Academy offers a wide range of best-in-class IT and cybersecurity courses that prepare students for the jobs of today and tomorrow, including 11 FREE, online self-paced courses such as Introduction to Cybersecurity, Intro to IoT, and Programming Essentials in Python. See the full list here (be sure to select the “Online self-paced” button).


3. The program provides FREE career resources through the Talent Bridge program, including:

    • A job-matching engine that connects students and alumni to over 650 employers
    • LinkedIn Alumni group to help students grow their networks and find job opportunities
    • Internship and hands-on learning opportunities

In just six years, Talent Bridge has helped 33,000 students obtain a job and have had 78,000 participants in its programs. A recent survey revealed Talent Bridge students are three times more likely to have a job with Cisco or its Partners compared to non-participants.

A woman sitting at an office desk“The most important skills Cisco Networking Academy courses have taught me are practical networking skills. They have made me very attractive to employers.” – Marie Kamga, cybersecurity intern and Cisco Networking Academy alumna

4. Courses are aligned to industry certifications sought after by employers, such as CCNA, CyberOps Associate, and Linux Essentials. These certifications give students from all backgrounds and experiences, including those with a criminal record, reskilling, or upskilling, the opportunity to effectively compete for high paying jobs in the fast-paced IT and cybersecurity industry.


5. Networking Academy can change your life. Nearly 3 million students attribute obtaining a new job to their participation in Networking Academy (based on student outcome surveys of students who participated in the program’s career certification or IT Essentials courses between 2005 and 2021, and 93% of instructors said Networking Academy helped them be a better educator.

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“Due to the knowledge and hands-on technical experience I gained through Networking Academy, I was quickly able to differentiate myself from other new hires.” – Krister Aavikko, technical trainer and Cisco Networking Academy alumnus


Explore all Cisco Networking Academy has to offer at www.netacad.com and read stories about how it’s changing peoples’ lives here.

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