Fundamentally, collaboration is about people coming together to innovate. Not once or twice, but ongoing. The best kind of collaboration is continuous.

Continuous collaboration means enabling teams to innovate before, during, and after meetings. Collaboration isn’t a series of discrete, unconnected events (like meetings), or one-off conversations (like phone calls), or even string of discussions in email. You have to have one continuous, robust workstream.

We designed Cisco Spark for continuous collaboration.

We’ve brought together every aspect of collaboration that you could possibly want in a single, consistent, integrated experience that embraces continuous collaboration. From business messaging to calling to video. From integrated meetings to extending into physical space with Cisco Spark Board, the Cisco Spark collaboration suite is the only tool that enables continuous, seamless collaboration. Jens - spark app1

First things first: When you open your Cisco Spark app today, you’ll see the new look and feel. We spent a year creating a more intuitive user interface that is clean, modern, and easy to use. The new activities “dashboard” includes message, meet, call, whiteboard, files, and people. Whiteboard is the newest addition. Now you can collaborate spontaneously within the app, using the same software that powers the Cisco Spark Board. The new interface gives you everything in one place.

What else is new?
Cisco Spark call interface
Until now, you had to leave the application to start a meeting. Today, you can start meetings from directly within Cisco Spark by simply clicking on the URL. Know who’s attending and use meeting control tools like mute/unmute. Share content from right within the app — or seamlessly push it to a Cisco Spark Board — simply by accessing your files in Cisco Spark and sharing your screen.

We’re taking the best workflows from WebEx and integrating them with Cisco Spark. In March, you’ll be able to schedule, start, join, and host a meeting from within the Cisco Spark app using the same interface you know and love with WebEx. And the most popular feature of WebEx, the Personal Meeting Room, will be a prominent feature in Spark.

In March, we’re also adding a Meetings tab so you can see upcoming meetings, schedule new meetings, and jump into your personal meeting room – all directly from within Cisco Spark!spark welcome window

All this makes Cisco Spark more robust than ever before, with one, continuous workstream designed from the ground up to foster continuous collaboration.

Today we’re announcing more than new features of Cisco Spark. We’re announcing the industry’s most advanced Collaboration Suite that will enable you, your teams, and your company to innovate – collaboratively and continuously.

To learn more about today’s announcements, watch the launch announcement replay and visit the Cisco Spark site.

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