Companies are facing a major shift. Workers are spread around the globe, innovation at speed is critical, and it’s hard to attract and retain the best people. Employee engagement with customers is paramount, and their customers are buying experiences — not just products anymore.

Instant, rich collaboration drives agility in an organization. But sometimes technology can get in the way. No one has time to cut and paste dial codes, or to wait for co-workers or external participants to overcome technology issues to join. No one wants to have to ask, “Can you see me? Can you hear me?” That’s why we’ve cut the friction out of your team meeting experience.

Join Simple

Today you need speed; speed to market with new products, and speed and simplicity to join a meeting. Technology must fade into the background so you can focus on the job to be done.

Here’s the experience with Cisco Webex: Schedule — Join — Meet.

Here’s How to Fast-Track Your Meeting Today:

  1. Just type @webex. Typing @webex  in the location field when you schedule a Microsoft Outlook or Google G-suite meeting will automatically include your personal meeting details in the invite.
  2. Click Invite. Join the meeting app-free just by clicking the link in the invite.

Have the Webex App or on a Video Device? That’s Also Super Easy:

  • If you have the app, click the big green button in the app.
  • Have a device? Say “ok Webex, join my meeting.”
  • Using an iPhone? Touch the “Webex Meet” red phone icon in the iOS calendar..
  • Using the cool Webex Meetings integration with Microsoft Teams or Slack? Just click the green button in those apps.


Get to What Matters, Fast

mplify Workplace transformation approach and showcasing our vision with the unified experience

After a fast join, don’t lose any time. Understand the people in the meeting by just clicking on their insights card icon. Be prepared by learning about the people you are meeting. People Insights will be available across Webex – calling, messaging and meetings — as well as Jabber in August. Mobile and desktop.

People Insights is one of the magic moments that comes from cognitive collaboration. Cognitive collaboration is how we’ve changed the game on AI and ML. It’s intelligence and context woven throughout your daily routine, like face recognition, automatically pairing to a video device when you walk into a room for quick join and wireless sharing, or using Webex Assistant during a call by saying “Ok Webex, record the meeting”.


Know What Else is Fast? A Unified Experience

Webex may have originally been known for web conferencing, but it’s so much more today. It’s the market leading meetings experience, market leading calling, and the largest installed base of conferencing devices. It is persistent messaging and integration with other tools. All within a single app experience, on a common platform.

mplify Workplace transformation approach and showcasing our vision with the unified experience

We’re bringing people closer together. We’re also compressing time. We all have so many apps on our mobile phones (I have 108), and the typical organization has 34 SaaS apps for employees. That means it can take too long to find the app you need, wasting time. People want to work their way, moving between interactions organically and without switching between applications.

That unified collaboration experience works wherever you do. You can bring the Webex experience of call, message and/or meet anywhere you prefer to spend your day, whatever surface you live in: Microsoft O365, G-Suite, Salesforce, Jira, ServiceNow or any one of thousands of other applications. That’s why we call Webex the “connective tissue” – it connects you to your team and to your work.

We’ve already unified the experience through elements like common identity, whiteboarding, and pair and share. Now we’re taking it to the next level:

  • The user experience on Webex and Jabber is unified – employee experience and simplified user management when transitioning to the cloud. Not disrupting your end users anymore.
  • Integrated calling in Webex Teams independent of whether your PBX is on-prem or in the cloud. Users get the same consistent calling experience and it leverages existing infrastructure.


Check Your Meeting Health in Real-Time

mplify Workplace transformation approach and showcasing our vision with the unified experienceA fast start is just the beginning of an amazing meeting experience. We leverage the Webex global network to bring content to you through the most efficient and robust backbone on the planet. Giving you a top-quality experience is our number one priority. So we want to make sure you can monitor some of the facets contributing to that experience. Now meeting health can be monitored in real time.


All This and Transcription Too

We’re constantly striving to create the best experiences for you. In addition to a jaw-droppingly simple meeting join, we’ve added a few more to change the way you work:

  • Transcription. Why take notes, just review your meeting content or share it with those that couldn’t join.
  • Co-editing. In addition to our deep O365 integration, we’re previewing Google G-suite co-editing, straight from a Webex Teams space. Communicate and co-edit within the same Teams space.
  • Open source of MindMeld Natural Language Processing. We want to give our strong ecosystem of developers even more opportunities to create useful experiences for our customers. Examples include getting WIFI password or news on a video screen with a voice command.
  • Webex Calling. 89 VAR and Service Provider channel partners representing over 60% of our on-premises calling volumes have signed-up to market and sell Webex Calling since its introduction in March 2019. There are over 150 registered deals and several orders for over 1,000 users, including a large global company headquartered in North America with over 20,000 users. We now have the ability to support 41 countries worldwide and more are rapidly coming online.
  • Webex Contact Center. Our cloud-based Customer Journey Platform solution is joining the industry-recognized Webex family.  This unique portfolio provides you with a complete unified collaboration suite with calling, messaging, meetings, team collaboration, devices, and now contact center.
  • As announced at InfoComm 2019, Samsung and Cisco have unveiled the next phase of their strategic partnership to improve modern workplace collaboration. A huddle-in-a-box solution soon available from distributors, and the integration between the Samsung Flip and Room Kit Series available later this year.

Webex is the connective tissue to get great work done. Watch this video to see how Webex can change the way you work.

Want to hear Cisco’s vision for the future of collaboration? Watch the keynote @ #clus today.


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Sri Srinivasan

SVP/GM, Cisco Collaboration