Skype for Business Users: Meet with More People Using WebEx

October 20, 2016 - 13 Comments

How often do you attend meetings that start late due to technology issues? According to Ovum, the average delay is 10 minutes and 40 seconds. When technology isn’t easy to use, it impacts productivity and can cost millions in lost time. But when everything works and everyone can join the meeting on time, you can accomplish great things.

At Cisco, we’re focused on finding ways to bring people together. That’s why we are excited that Cisco WebEx Meeting Center video conferencing works with Microsoft Skype for Business.

Because when everyone can see, hear, and view the same content in real time – without worrying about connectivity glitches – you can get more done. Maybe you’ll even have some fun.

Everyone’s welcome: Microsoft users can meet reliably with even more people to connect and collaborate. They can start, join, and share content in Cisco WebEx Meeting Center from their own meeting client. This way, up to 1,025 people can participate in a meeting with video conferencing concurrently.

We know that you need to choose the best technology to meet your needs. And we also know that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution and many organizations select a mix of Cisco and Microsoft products. By taking steps to ensure that our collaboration products work with Skype for Business, we’re helping you get the best conferencing solution for the Microsoft desktop experience, too.

We’re committed to interoperability. In a post, Rowan Trollope shared his thoughts on interoperability and Cisco’s dedication to making connective technology simple for everyone.  And as we move forward, we will continue to offer products that are simple to use, scalable, flexible, and that solidify our reputation as a leader in video conferencing. Projects like this validate our goal to provide an amazing meeting experience to users and help them take their organization to new levels.

Are You Ready?
Are you ready to start using Microsoft Skype for Business with WebEx?

  • Lead the change. Turn on video. If video isn’t yet part of your team’s culture, lead the change. Embrace it for yourself and encourage the colleagues you connect with most frequently to join you on screen.
  • Invite all users to video conferences. Everyone can use WebEx. If you use Microsoft Skype for Business, just dial this format to join the video conferencing meeting:
    (for example


    (for example )


  • Share the benefits. Sharing the knowledge you’ve gained from your video conferencing experiences can help others as they begin to host their own meetings. And, it serves as a way to encourage teams across your organization to explore the possibilities of video for themselves.

Learn more:
Read full instructions and get help troubleshooting in our knowledge base article and user guide.

We’re setting a new standard by making sure Microsoft Skype for Business works with WebEx Meeting Center video conferencing. Now, people from all over the world can come together easily, regardless of the platforms they use for work.

With tools that contribute to your flexibility and agility, you can work from anywhere – and with nearly anyone. You can strengthen relationships and build trust using video for great collaborative experiences, just as if you were meeting in person.

Want to know what industry analysts say about how to evaluate your conferencing solution? Take a look at Dave Michels’s “User Experience Drives Conferencing Adoption” white paper. 

Current WebEx Meeting Center video conferencing, formerly known as Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud, users have immediate access to this capability. New WebEx Meeting Center users receive video conferencing functionality built in with their subscription, available to everyone. For more information, visit our help page or Consider solutions for events, training, and support from Cisco WebEx Event Center, Training Center, and Support Center.

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  1. I had a WebEx converence yesterday and it took the average 10 minutes to get set up. Routinely I have to schedule a half hour the day before to make sure things work. And SKYPE!!?? Skype is crazy hard to work.

    Go look at Zoom, or JoinMe, for a truly user-friendly experience.

    • Thank you, Charlie. It’s a good thing when everything works and everyone can join the meeting on time because meetings are more effective. At Cisco we will continue to offer products that are simple to use, scalable, flexible, and that solidify our reputation as a leader in web and video conferencing.

    • From my experience with WebEx if you are using it for the first time may you need for 5 min to setup every thing. But after that you need for less than a minute to start a meeting…✈️️. In other hands we can’t compare between the WebEx nd SFB especially for interprice. I will give WebEx 10/10 Vs 2-3/10 fir SFB. May Microsoft needs for 10 years to work on its SFB to reach the WebEx level.. at that time Cisco Spark ⚡️ will be the first player in the collaboration field.

  2. Why can’t SfB users just have their partners, clients, vendors, and suppliers simply use the web portal in order to have the meeting? Why would they have to use WebEx instead?

    • @ Dmitrios
      some S4B users prefer to use their client to call into EVERYthing, and they may be external participants to another org’s meetings. The Wx experience is far better than S4B (esp for Mac/mobile users), so why would they use the S4B portal?

    • There are frequently blockers to the Skype web portal; For example, users with video devices are unable to use it; users without admin rights can not install the required plugins to use it, and they frequently need better functionality than is provided.

  3. Today business must be able to collaborate across multiple user devices without delays, without contention, and with the fastest, easiest ways to join a collaboration conversation. WebEx is the tool!

  4. Love the video! Join the Party!

  5. Well, the idea is really interesting, but how this initiative affect webex sells?

    • Hi, Diana. Microsoft users who are not able to meet with their customers, partners, suppliers, or vendors because they do not have the same conferencing system is now over. They can meet using Cisco WebEx and endpoints for an experience that includes audio, video, and content-sharing, all in the same meeting.

  6. Haha, ridiculous! You’re banging rocks together while Zoom video has a flamethrower. Good luck with that.

    • considering they can only do the web/video conference, and that you need all sorts of other vendors to get to a unified experience with them, it sounds like they have a matchstick while Cisco has a forest fire. web/vid conference bridging is just one part of the experience. the room & desktop devices and the way users interact with them are critical.