LAQ95005_rev4We’ve had an exciting year across the Collaboration portfolio, particularly as it relates to our endpoint products. Just one proof point: We shipped our 1 millionth 7800 Series IP phone last month, less than one year since its launch. A million units is not just a major milestone, but it’s the fastest ramp-up we have ever experienced for a new IP phone. And we’ve been shipping IP phones for more than 15 years.

But what’s even more exciting to me is how our technology is helping people. As adoption of voice and video collaboration technology continues, we’re evolving our portfolio to provide the flexibility and choice they need. In a world of mobility, video, and voice, people ultimately want choice. They want an array of tools at their fingertips to help them collaborate in the best way possible – at any particular time during the day. For many organizations, this includes having high-quality voice endpoints on employee desks that work with other technologies like Cisco WebEx.

LAQ91815_rev4We designed the 7800 Series IP Phones with a focus on making it easy to use. The 7800 is about rock-solid, cost-effective, high-quality, secure, and full-featured voice communications. It includes state-of-art enhancements to both microphone and speaker technologies (as does the 8800 Series). This means, whether I’m at my campus office or my home office, I don’t have to work as hard to hear people in calls. So, I’m less fatigued. That’s a pretty big deal after hours of calls and with children in my house! And for our friends in IT, a better quality of user experience means fewer support requests, letting teams attend to other things. Win-win.

We’re proud of reaching this milestone. But our real focus is on delivering high-quality, full-featured, and very cost-effective collaboration solutions. Continuing to evolve our technology helps us better meet your needs, so you can reach your own milestones.

If you have the 7800 Series in your network today, let us know what you like about them and use cases you’ve deployed them in. We’d love to hear from you!


Angie Mistretta

Chief Marketing Officer, AppDynamics