Wainhouse Research polled a group of video conferencing users to gauge their feelings about video conferencing. What they found is great news for Cisco-CMR-Gifographicthose who want to integrate video into their collaboration strategies.

Comparing their experience to 2 years ago:

  • 95% agreed that video is more reliable
  • 97% agreed that they use video conferencing more
  • 92% agreed video conferencing is easier to use

Even so, the myth persists that successful video conferencing requires a complicated deployment strategy and a good bit of magic under the hood.

Now it’s time to put that rumor to rest.  Meeting from any video device can be simple.

Cisco® Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) Cloud lets you meet over video with others, no matter what system they’re using. CMR Cloud simplifies meetings using a cloud-based video bridge. Meet with peers, customers, or partners. Get the same consistent WebEx experience across a desktop, browser, mobile device, or room system. If you ask me, it’s like magic!

To me, one of the greatest aspects about video conferencing – other than how simple it can be – is that almost anyone can use it to move initiatives, projects, and services forward.

For example, when it comes to finding top-tier talent for your staffing needs, prime candidates are not always local. Conducting interviews and screenings over the phone can give you a glimpse into a person. But nothing beats engaging with them on the first try using their own video device without technology glitches. As it stands, more human resources professionals expect video conferencing will be a preferred communications tool in 2016, touting the advantages in staffing, training, and flexible work environments.

When it’s time to bring teams together, video conferencing is the perfect way to meet face-to-face without busting your travel budget. Video conferencing sets the stage for faster decision-making by bringing people together, no matter where they are or what system they use. And as Rowan Trollope predicted in his recent blog, it won’t matter who makes your video gear. Video conferencing will become even easier to use as interoperability becomes the norm.

Video conferencing continues to prove itself as an integral part of a communications strategy. Organizations like Austrian manufacturer BAUER have improved time to market, productivity, and customer satisfaction. “You can arrange meetings and share documents fast using Cisco WebEx,” says Christian Bucher, IT administrator for BAUER.

Also, visual communication goes a long way when it comes to engaging an increasingly mobile workforce.

What does this mean for your business? Wouldn’t you like to get together with your customers, partners, and vendors using their own video systems, without any technology hassles? Imagine how things could be if you are able to clearly see, hear, and seamlessly share content on your video conference calls.

Don’t just imagine it. Make it a reality.

For a limited time, receive Cisco CMR Cloud free with the purchase of WebEx Meeting Center. Take a look at the details and see how simple video conferencing set-up can be when it’s time to make connections that matter.


Ellie Ruano

No Longer with Cisco