When we said that we strive to deliver “no-compromise” collaboration experiences, nowhere did we mean it more than with our latest endpoint product. Today culminates 24 months of refreshing our endpoint portfolio as we unveil our flagship triple-screen immersive system, the Cisco TelePresence IX5000 Series. We tweaked all the levers to deliver a visually stunning, technically powerful, and feature-rich experience. And we made it more affordable so that you can deploy it far beyond the traditional boardroom. The IX5000 is a beauty — powerful and dynamic with all the bells and whistles, plus an incredible experience. Sound like a finely crafted sports car? In a sense, it is.

Imagine: A sleekly sculpted system finished in Oslo white with three 4K ultra high-definition cameras clustered discreetly above three 70-inch LCD screens. The cameras provide crisp, high-definition video. Theater-quality sound emanates from 18 custom speakers and one powerful sub-woofer.


We achieved this with a single H.265 codec that delivers more horsepower than anything before it. The purpose-built codec:

  • Supports five simultaneous data streams (three 1080p60 video and two 1080p30 content streams) without breaking a sweat
  • Enables the movement of video and multiple content sources across any of the screens
  • Controls camera and graphic processors to capture the whole room in fine detail, so you can stand up and move around or go the white board

The IX5000 delivers a rich multimedia experience unmatched in the industry. And the best part? It comes to market as the most affordable triple-screen solution available, which means it’s no longer relegated to the boardroom. You can realize significant savings from improved deployment and operational costs. The IX5000 Series requires no room remediation. And it needs only half the power, installation time, and bandwidth as its predecessor.


You can deploy this system in any large conference room or space more quickly and affordably than ever. It lets teams beyond the executive tier

  • Collaborate dynamically
  • Accelerate project completion
  • Meet more often with partners and customers

And do it all with the best possible experience. It’s no wonder that we consider the IX5000 the most sophisticated collaboration system on the planet. It’s certainly the best experience I’ve ever had. And, now, it’s available to more people in more places.

Imagine all the places you could deploy an IX5000.


Snorre Kjesbu

Senior Vice President/General Manager of Webex Devices

Meeting Room Systems