The Cisco Webex platform is revolutionizing enterprise collaboration, delivering unprecedented innovation through a unified set of services and software clients. But this is only a part of the picture. At Cisco we believe we can do even better. We know that in order to provide a truly delightful user experience, hardware must be a tightly integrated part of the solution. Only then do organizations achieve the frictionless collaboration needed to solve problems faster, develop better products, and provide the differentiated customer service that their customers demand.

As-a-service models change expectations

The move to cloud consumption models has changed the way organizations purchase and deploy the latest software.  But the challenge for many organizations is how to fund hardware investments to keep up with technology advancements.

High capital equipment prices and long depreciation cycles mean that often hardware becomes dated quickly and/or deployments are compromised due to lack of budget.

Our collaboration endpoints are recognized for award winning design, amazing audio and video quality, and cognitive collaboration technology. But we wanted to find a way to make it even simpler for customers to take advantage of them.  The result?   Cisco Webex Hardware as a Service (HaaS).

Introducing Cisco Webex HaaS

With Cisco Webex HaaS you can now get the latest Cisco IP Phones and Webex Devices through an affordable monthly or annual subscription payment. Whether you are deploying your first Cisco collaboration solution or refreshing endpoints you bought years ago, Cisco Webex HaaS provides convenience and flexibility. Moreover, the subscription includes Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support for both software and hardware for additional piece of mind.

How it works

Simply choose the device you need from our range of Cisco IP Phones, Webex Desk Systems, Webex Room Systems, and Webex Boards.  Each device has a simple price per month for a minimum term of 36-months. At the end of the 3-year payment plan you have a number of options:


  1. Do nothing. Your plan will automatically be extended for another 12-months
  2. Refresh your device(s) to the latest technology, by taking out a new 3-year agreement
  3. Inform us you wish to cancel your Cisco Webex HaaS agreement. When your payments are completed, the agreement comes to an end and your devices are deactivated.


We built Cisco Webex HaaS as a companion to our successful Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan. It shares many of the same established policies and billing processes, with a couple of tweaks specific to hardware. For example, most customers like to get their devices over time (e.g., as they open a new site or renovate a floor). With Cisco Webex HaaS, customers can order as few as a single device at a time, and have their subscriptions running in parallel. Moving to the cloud has never been easier.

We think everyone will love is the ability to stay current with Cisco Webex HaaS. The program allows for device refresh after three years, so “latest and greatest” is always within reach. Video technology in particular evolves very fast – there is a constant flood of higher resolution, artificial intelligence capabilities, sensors, whiteboarding features, and so on. You can now stay on top of this wave.

Think differently

Cisco Webex HaaS invites you to look at your device investments differently. Instead of large and unpredictable cash outlays, the opportunity is to ascribe a consistent low monthly cost to the value delivered by the endpoints. Budgeting then becomes really simple: your users or rooms will always cost the same year after year, but you will be able to take advantage of ever newer systems and support.

Of course, many organizations have more complex financing rules and requirements that need to be met to the best outcome for their stakeholders.  For those situations, Cisco will continue to complement Cisco Webex HaaS with our other existing payment solutions including loans, finance leases and operating leases.

In the end, our mission is not just about building great hardware and software products… it is about making it easy for you to acquire and use them.  Today and in the future.

Please note, Cisco Webex HaaS is currently only available in the U.S. but more countries are on the way.

To learn more about Cisco Webex Hardware as a Service visit cisco.com/go/webexhaas


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Fernando Mousinho

Director of Product Management

Unified Communications Technology Group