Over the past five years, we’ve seen an incredible shift in the way that organizations all over the world are using video every day. From an engineering team conducting their weekly meeting from multiple locations around the globe, to an employee being able to join an all-hands meeting from an iPad while on their balcony in Beijing, video has become a critical part of the workplace.

And it’s not just real-time video; more and more employees are demanding ways to keep that video content, to record and share it for later playback on any device. As a market leader in enterprise video, Cisco developed our Capture-Transform-Share portfolio to enable customers to get more out of their video collaboration investments and extend the life and the value of video with solutions for video recording, streaming and playback. Today, we’re excited to announce that as part of our Capture-Transform-Share strategy, we are working with VBrick to offer their enterprise webcasting solution, VBrick Rev, to our customers.

A Cloud-based offering for enterprise webcasting

First and foremost, VBrick supports some of the most popular use cases of video – from delivering live video streaming over the web to offering a centralized video portal, or “enterprise youtube,” that can host live and on-demand video for playback. In addition, we’re excited to announce that now Cisco customers have access to several new capabilities through VBrick:

  • Cloud-based offering: Now, customers can deploy and manage their entire video content and live streaming solution from the cloud with VBrick Rev. Users access their video library and live video through an intuitive user interface with minimal initial investment and equipment needed. VBrick Rev also offers on-premise and hybrid options.
  • Expanded mobile device support: VBrick offers support for almost all mobile devices, so users can stream and play back video anywhere, from a hotel room to a taxi cab.
  • Massive scalability: Companies no longer need to worry about how to scale and buy extra equipment as internal video adoption grows; VBrick can support tens of thousands of users accessing real-time and recorded video content at the same time.

As a new member of the Cisco SolutionsPlus program, VBrick joins Cisco’s portfolio of third party solutions that integrate with Cisco collaboration solutions and can be resold by Cisco and its authorized partners worldwide.

Increased options for new and existing Show and Share customers

So what does this mean for customers using Cisco’s Show and Share platform? Today’s announcement gives them more options for video recording, streaming and playback. Customers that are interested in the new cloud offering will be able to upgrade to the VBrick Rev solution for little to no cost, based on their software upgrade support subscription. In addition, they’ll be able to continue getting the most out of their existing Cisco collaboration products because of new technology integrations with VBrick. For example, through integrations with the Cisco TelePresence Content Server, Cisco video endpoints will be able to record and stream video directly into the Rev portal, for live and on-demand access, allowing these video endpoints to function as standalone broadcast and recording studios.

“As the third largest cancer hospital by volume in the U.S., our doctors, nurses and staff rely heavily on recorded video to share new procedures, medical lectures and best practices with each other,” said John Maass, Manager of Conferencing Technology at Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida. “Over the past five years we have ushered in a video centric culture at Moffitt with Cisco. Our decision to migrate to VBrick Rev was an easy one because of how closely Cisco and VBrick are working together to provide a consumer-like experience and put the power of video directly in the users’ hands.”

The role of video in the enterprise will continue to evolve. With today’s announcement, Cisco is excited to continue delivering to our customers the latest innovations and advancements in enterprise video with new solutions that are highly secure, easily scalable, and, increasingly, based in the cloud.


Thomas Wyatt

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer